The Impact of Coworking on Mental Health

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani is the Social Media Manager as well as a Content Writer at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Employees have long been shouting for a work-life mix that actually fits their lives – something flexible and healthy. And remote and hybrid work seemed like the answer. But guess what tag along? Loneliness.

Now, workers feel like they need help. They got freedom but lost the office community vibe, spiking stress and anxiety, leading to burnout.

Before anyone shouts “Back to the office!”, hold up. A better option for employees’ mental health lies beyond just the office or home locations. The sweet spot lies in “third spaces” – coworking or flex spaces.

Agree—the talks on how coworking spaces nail flexibility and networking are done and dusted. The latest studies show connections between coworking space and mental health.

This blog explores various ways coworking spaces can enhance mental well-being and foster a healthy work-life balance.

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With that said, let’s first learn the psychological impact of traditional office settings. 

Traditional Office Spaces and Mental Health

For decades, the traditional office model has been the backdrop of professional life, but its impact on mental health has often been underestimated.

  1. Cubicles might be efficient, but can make you feel boxed in, limiting the free flow of communication. The isolation can contribute to feelings of loneliness, a known factor in mental health issues.
  2. Dim lights and no greenery affect your mood. Studies say being cut off from nature can increase stress.
  3. The rigid structure of traditional office space hierarchies may hinder open communication. Where employees are reluctant to share their mental health challenges.
  4. Long commute times and crowded public transportation can lead to heightened levels of stress and anxiety. The daily trip to the traditional office can set the stress tone for the entire day.
  5. Most traditional workplaces follow the one-size-fits-all mantra. But hey, we’re not all the same. The lack of personal touch in workspaces can leave you feeling a bit powerless, impacting your comfort and happiness.

Coworking Spaces and Mental Health: Nurturing Well-Being Through Coworking 

Every workplace has its fair share of challenges, deadlines, and the pressure to shine. It escalates work stress, messes with our mental well-being and disrupts the workflow. 

A study found that 42% of workers felt their job significantly contributed to their mental health issues. Nearly 18% pointed to working alone as the sole cause of their mental health conditions.

Now, let’s flip the script and step into the world of shared spaces. 

A recent survey by Harvard Business Review found that more respondents found working from a coworking site to be socially fulfilling compared to working from the office (64%) or home (67%).

Here, the design and atmosphere of coworking spaces take center stage in promoting psychological well-being. They manage to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and a relaxed environment. These coworking communities foster collaboration, increase work satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to a business’s bottom line.

So, here’s the rundown of how coworking spaces’ design and atmosphere can influence its members’ psychological well-being. 

Top Ways Coworking Spaces Positively Influence Mental Well-being

Coworking Space Design Elements

Do you know those incredibly designed coworking spaces such as The Address? You instantly feel the buzz of a vibrant and inclusive workplace. 

Well, the masterminds behind such coworking space designs are expert architects and design firms who practically understand the impact of office design on human psychology. Their scientifically backed design approach considers that seemingly small decisions, like the wall color or the lighting, can greatly impact workplace productivity. 

So, what design elements of coworking spaces have proven benefits to the mental health of employees?

Key ElementsDescription
Welcoming Natural LightCoworking spaces prioritize natural light. It enhances mood, balancing circadian rhythms and overall well-being.
Comfortable Seating NooksCozy nooks and plush seating of coworking spaces are apt for relaxation and casual collaboration.
Ergonomic FurnitureFurniture designed for ergonomic support reduces physical strain and enhances workplace comfort. 
Thoughtful Design ChoicesStylish and thoughtful decor reduces stress. Offers a curated environment where individuals feel motivated.
Biophilia IntegrationBiophilic design elements, like indoor plants or green walls, enhance cognitive function and heighten work output. 
Color PsychologyStrategic use of colors to influence mood and behavior. Contributes to a positive and energizing atmosphere.
Spaces for Breaks and MovementDesignated breakout and recreational areas help recharge and stay active during the workday, boosting overall well-being.
Open SpacesCoworking spaces ditch traditional cubicles for open layouts, encouraging freedom and collaboration. No physical barriers create a positive, communal ambiance.
Quiet Work AreasRecognizes the need for solitude. Designated quiet zones for focused work balance and diverse working preferences.

The Freedom to Choose Your Workspace

Monotony is the nemesis of creativity. But not in a coworking setup. Here, the ability to shape your workspace keeps the workday comfortable and exciting. Plus, autonomy over where and how you work offers a sense of control, mitigating stress levels. 

Matching Your Vibes

Ever had days when you’re full of energy and days when you just want some peace? Coworking gets you. Start your day in the lively common area and switch to a quiet corner when focus time hits. 

Your Productivity, Your Way

In traditional offices, your workspace is handed to you. In coworking, it’s a blank canvas. Whether you’re a fan of the buzzing communal areas or thrive in your private nook, you call the shots.

More Than Just Desks

There aren’t just desks. They’re a playground of options – meeting rooms, cozy lounges, even outdoor spaces. Need a brainstorming session? Head to the collaborative area. Craving some fresh air? Grab your laptop and go outside.  

Switching up your work surroundings does wonders for finding your groove, supercharging productivity, and adding a dash of joy to your day. At every Address location, we’ve dedicated our entire space to coworking – from spacious open layouts to flexi desk to private office space.

As a member of The Address, your workday gets an upgrade. Move seamlessly between conference rooms, shared desks, standing desks, cafe spots, private phone booths, and comfy couches. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet corner or a buzzing spot for a chat, we’ve got you covered. Our outdoor spaces are perfect for soaking in fresh air and sunshine. 

Community and Socializing

Recall the college days when group study with friends felt way more effective in grasping the concepts than going solo. (have had the light-bulb moments too, right?) Well, coworking spaces bring that vibe to the office in the form of collaborative spaces. 

Shared spaces actively encourage spontaneous interactions, fostering collaboration and bringing new insights. More like water cooler chats but in fancier spots like lounge or breakout areas!

Here’s the impact of collaborative experiences of coworking on mental well-being—

Shared Space, Shared Experience

The sense of community fosters a support network where everyone’s professional journey is understood and celebrated. Sharing successes and setbacks also contributes to positive mental well-being.

Networking, Minus the Awkwardness

Forget those forced networking events; coworking spaces naturally spark connections. Interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds opens doors for business and makes you feel like you’re part of a broader professional community.

Community Events 

Events are a chance to break the work routine, meet cool people, and build connections. Whether it’s a workshop or a social gathering, it’s about creating a workspace that’s also a community hub.

Mindfulness Programs and Workshops

Many coworking spaces help members focus on the mind and the body to improve their mental health. For instance, The Address team goes beyond physical design by offering mindfulness programs and workshops. These sessions include meditation, yoga, or stress-relief workshops, providing members with tools to manage stress and promote mental clarity. 

A Flip Side to Coworking and Mental Health

This is not to say that coworking does not have any potential drawbacks. It does, albeit few and manageable. Some common hurdles and practical tips to mitigate their effects are—

Noise Distractions

Open and collaborative spaces can sometimes have increased noise levels.

Our Tip: Invest in noise-canceling headphones. Choose quieter areas when necessary. Establish communication norms with coworkers to maintain a conducive work environment.

Lack of Privacy

The communal nature of coworking might compromise personal space and privacy.

Our Tip: Seek out dedicated private spaces for focused work. Use phone booths for confidential calls. Set clear boundaries with respectful communication.


The dynamic atmosphere of coworking spaces may become overwhelming for some people. 

Our Tip: Create a designated focus time. Use calming techniques like deep breathing. Strategically plan breaks to manage overstimulation and maintain mental clarity.

Social Pressure

The emphasis on networking and socializing may lead to feelings of social pressure.

Our Tip: Balance social interactions with personal boundaries. Prioritize self-care and communicate openly about your comfort levels with social engagements.

Competition and Comparison

Being surrounded by diverse professionals may trigger comparison.

Our Tip: Focus on your personal growth. Celebrate your achievements. View others’ success as inspiration rather than competition. 

Final Words

In short, coworking has a big impact on our mental well-being. The setup, social connections, and community spirit boost happiness, productivity, and motivation. It’s a remedy for loneliness seen in traditional offices. 

Now, the million-dollar question—is coworking right for your business? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it’s a tailored decision based on your organization’s needs and team’s preferences.

For businesses cherishing privacy, coworking might seem like an odd match. But many coworking spaces have evolved, offering private rooms, silent zones, and phone booths to quell those privacy concerns.

Yet, note that not all coworking spaces are cut from the same cloth. They vary in amenities. So, before you take the plunge, do some digging to ensure your chosen coworking haven ticks all your boxes.

So, what’s holding you back? Contact The Address now or schedule a visit. Your ideal workspace is just a click away!

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