Power Up Your Coworking Spaces with Meeting Rooms

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
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Flexibility. Collaboration. Community.

These three core elements have made coworking the first choice for professionals seeking dynamic working environments.

In fact, coworking statistics state that 96.9% of professionals feel satisfied in flexible spaces. 

No wonder, the coworking industry will cross $13.03 billion by 2025.

With flexibility at the heart of coworking, professionals can choose custom solutions catering to their unique working styles and needs. 

From dedicated desks and private cabins to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, coworking offers everything required to thrive and grow in today’s work culture!

In this post, we will share how having meeting rooms can help businesses unlock the true potential of coworking. 

First, let’s explore the different types of meeting rooms in coworking spaces.  

Types of Meeting Rooms

Here are the key types of meeting rooms that coworking businesses can leverage. 

#1: Private Rooms

These meeting rooms help professionals conduct one-on-one discussions. They are ideal for confidential client meetings and sensitive collaborations. 

Amenities: Chairs, tables, and whiteboards. 

#2: Small Team Meeting Rooms

These meeting rooms provide a collaborative and comfortable setting for brainstorming sessions. They usually accommodate four to five people and thus are ideal for small teams.

Amenities: Chairs, tables, projectors, and whiteboards. 

#3: Medium-sized Meeting Rooms

These meeting rooms in coworking spaces are spacious and ideal for workshops and seminars. They can accommodate five to twenty people. 

Amenities: Ergonomic furniture, projectors, TV, whiteboards, and more. 

#4: Large Conference Rooms

These meeting rooms are super spacious. They can accommodate fifty or more people. Businesses can use them for board meetings, special employee training, and client presentations.

Amenities: Advanced video conferencing tools, ergonomic furniture, and audiovisual systems.

Note: Most coworking space providers allow businesses to customize meeting rooms according to their requirements. 

Best Benefits of Meeting Rooms for Coworking Spaces

Here are the best benefits that meeting rooms offer to coworking companies.

1. Offers Top-Class Amenities for Effective Meetings

Besides the staples, meeting rooms in coworking spaces can offer top-class amenities like – 

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet: Conduct video conferences and access and share online resources and files during meetings.
  • Conference Call Systems: Join meetings and collaborate with remote teams and participants.
  • Soundproof Walls and Partitions: Stay focused and ensure confidentiality throughout the meetings.
  • Temperature Controls: Ensure everyone in the meeting is comfortable.
  • Lighting Options: Adjust the meeting room lighting for seamless video conferences and presentations. 
  • Secure Access Control: Allow authorized professionals to enter the meeting room. This can help ensure complete privacy and security.
  • Administrative and Technical Support: Make meeting room reservations in advance. Leverage on-site technical support services when required.
  • Catering Services: Keep your team energized during the meeting with beverages and snacks service.

The Address, a leading coworking space provider, offers multipurpose meeting rooms with all these amenities. 

Meeting Rooms

From conducting casual meetings to brainstorming sessions, you can use them to boost your team’s productivity! 

Besides, The Address team offers a cost-efficient room booking scheme where you can pay hourly rates. 

2. Helps Build Professional Environments with Zero Distractions 

Meeting rooms in coworking spaces offer noise control measures like soundproofing materials (acoustic foam or panels on walls, floors, and ceilings), noise-canceling headphones, and other noise-monitoring applications. 

This setup reduces disruptive sounds, thus providing a conducive environment for focused work. 

What’s more?

Most coworking spaces have clear communication guidelines that discourage disruptive behavior. 

This helps establish a peaceful and professional working environment for teams. They can focus, collaborate, and deliver peak performances without hassles. 

3. Fosters Employees’ Productivity 

By interacting with diverse and experienced coworkers, professionals can tap into a wealth of expertise and knowledge. 

They can ideate, collaborate, and engage in meaningful discussions with mentors and peers. 

This practice creates room for innovation and creativity and encourages networking opportunities.

The result? A sense of community and great productivity!

In fact, Harvard Business Review research affirms that a collaborative environment in coworking significantly boosts employees’ productivity. 

4. Provides Work Flexibility and Convenience to the Employees 

Whether it’s a formal presentation, webinar, or confidential meeting for HR matters, firms can adjust and use the meeting rooms by incorporating the required amenities. 

Let’s say – your team’s manager wants to conduct an employee training session. 

So, they can book a large conference room. In addition, they can incorporate amenities like whiteboards, markers, projectors, video conferencing tools, ergonomic furniture, and more. 

This work flexibility and comfort can streamline the meeting and foster employee engagement. 

According to Gallup, an engaged workforce help brands achieve 21% higher profitability than others.

5. Contributes to Creating a Positive Impression on Clients

Well-organized, clean, technologically sound, and amenities-equipped meeting rooms reflect a firm’s professionalism. 

They demonstrate a company’s dedication to offering positive work experience for clients. 

Moreover, a comfortable setup allows the clients to focus on meeting agendas rather than being distracted by external factors.

The best aspect? 

Businesses can use branding elements like – 

  • Company logos on wall art, paintings, and more.
  • Brand’s name on stationery items like notepads and pens.
  • Informational boards outside the room.
  • Room decor with color scheme aligning with the brand.

These elements can enhance the aesthetics of the rooms and subtly reinforce the brand’s identity and messaging. 

All these factors can help businesses leave a positive and lasting impression on clients, thus strengthening relationships. 

Summing Up

Meeting rooms in coworking spaces offer a unique blend of flexibility, innovation, and collaboration. 

From world-class amenities to ergonomic designs, they provide all the essentials to build a professional and positive environment.  

In short, businesses can work productively and thrive by leveraging the meeting rooms smartly.

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