Before the Address that you see became a reality, it was a dream in the heart of this team. It was a vision in the mind of this team.

They have worked tirelessly to bring you a space that will help you carve your own space in the minds and hearts of your own clientele. If not for this leadership team, The Address would not have existed.

  • Yash Shah

    Founder & CEO

  • Vipul Lodha

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Pinank Vyas

    Assistant Director - Projects

  • Ami Sharma

    Head- Coworking sales and community manager

  • Aishwarya Hemnani

    Lead Community Manager

  • Daivee Shah

    Community Manager

  • Dhruv Samani

    Community Manager

  • Dhruvi Panchal

    Community Manager

  • Karan Variyani

    Centre Head- Surat

  • Raj Shah

    Head of Growth and Strategy

  • Anupriya Maliwal

    Events and Marketing Executive

  • Chahna Baksani

    Marketing manager

  • Anjasi Shah

    Senior Manager - Ancillary Revenues & Brand Tie Ups

  • Aesha Shah

    Executive-Founder's office

  • Yash Joshi

    Assistant Manager - Project & Purchase

  • Jayesh Acharya

    Lead- IT Manager

  • Chetan Vasoya

    IT Executive

  • Saju Nair

    Head of Facilities and Administration

  • Bhavi Saujani

    Facility Manager

  • Komal Ramchandani

    Head - Facilities & Administration (Baroda)

  • Ranjitsinh Chavda

    Facility Manager

  • Rizwan Mansuri

    Facility Manager

  • Shastha Mudaliar

    Facility Manager

  • Shruti Baraniya

    Assistant Operations Manager

  • Manan Doshi


  • Maulik Sitapara
    Maulik Sitapara

    Sr 3D Visualizer & Graphic Artist

  • Krishna Patel
    Krishna Patel

    Interior Designer and Space Planner

  • Shalu Kanoria
    Shalu Kanoria

    Facility Manager

  • Nilay Vaidya
    Nilay Vaidya

    Legal Advisor

  • Simran Vatyani
    Simran Vatyani

    Junior Interior Designer

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