Our Vision

The Address is a coworking venture from the renowned real estate developer True Value. By designing coworking spaces and shared office solutions aimed at boosting efficiency, creativity, focus, and workplace happiness for teams of all sizes — we aim to be the coworking brand known for helping businesses scale new heights.

Our Mission

At The Address, we strive to offer the best coworking experience at the most affordable pricing plans. Our core focus is to ensure your teams are equipped with everything they need to work at maximum efficiency. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup wanting to minimize overheads by setting up a base in a flexible workspace, The Address has the perfect workspace solution for you.

Our Journey

Launched our first-ever coworking space in Ahmedabad, The Address.

14000+ sq. ft.
22nd Floor, B-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

Acquired another floor within 3 months of launch!

14000+ sq. ft.
18th Floor, B-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

We took over yet another floor.

14000+ sq. ft.
4th Floor, B-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

Our customized canteen becomes functional.

4000+ sq. ft.
10th Floor, B-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

We expanded to another building with coworking spaces, meeting rooms, a common area, and a tailored canteen.

18000+ sq. ft.
21st Floor, D-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

We spread our wings to another city.

88000+ sq. ft.
Baroda, Gujarat

We acquired yet another floor and continued to expand.

18000+ sq. ft.
20th Floor, D-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

Built the new headquarter of The Address.

18000+ sq. ft.
5th Floor, D-Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

Soared higher by joining the city of Surat, acquiring two fully furnished floors with a cafeteria, managed office space, coworking, meeting rooms, and a common area.

23000+ sq. ft.
Surat, Gujarat

Our expansion continued in Ahmedabad.

7000+ sq. ft.
17th floor, D Block, and 1st floor, B Block, Westgate, Ahmedabad

In less than a month, we acquired two more floors at the nearby Westgate Business Bay.

18000+ sq. ft.
Westgate Business Bay, Ahmedabad

Another giant leap in less than three months, acquiring two floors at Sun WestBank.

70000+ sq. ft.
Sun WestBank, Ahmedabad


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More than 400 local, national and international companies have trusted The Address for their custom dedicated and coworking space needs.

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We strive to provide a holistic coworking experience to our community.

For this, we continually join forces with the finest brands that help boost your health and happiness.

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