Our Vision

The Address is a coworking venture from the renowned real estate developer True Value. By designing coworking spaces and shared office solutions aimed at boosting efficiency, creativity, focus, and workplace happiness for teams of all sizes — we aim to be the coworking brand known for helping businesses scale new heights.

Our Mission

At The Address, we strive to offer the best coworking experience at the most affordable pricing plans. Our core focus is to ensure your teams are equipped with everything they need to work at maximum efficiency. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup wanting to minimize overheads by setting up a base in a flexible workspace, The Address has the perfect workspace solution for you.

Our Journey

Launched the First Coworking space in Ahmedabad on 22nd Floor, Block-B WestGate

Expanded the workspace to 18th Floor, Block-B WestGate

Opened a Cafeteria for The Address Members

Expanded the workspace to 4th Floor, Block-B WestGate

Opened 2nd Cafeteria for The Address Members

Expanded the workspace to 21st Floor, Block-D WestGate

Launched The Address’ First Coworking and Shared Office Space in Vadodara

Expanded the workspace to 20th Floor, Block-D WestGate

Expanded the workspace to 5th Floor, Block-D WestGate


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    475K Sq. Ft.
  • Companies Served

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  • Coworkers Served


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More than 400 local, national and international companies have trusted The Address for their custom dedicated and coworking space needs.

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