Behind the Scenes: The Address’s Founding Team Reflects on 6 Years of Success

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani is the Social Media Manager as well as a Content Writer at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Success is more than just hitting milestones; it’s about the exciting journey that turns those milestones into stories worth telling.

In the dynamic realm of cutting-edge workspaces, The Address has boldly risen as a shining star of success over the last six years.

From our humble beginnings on the 22nd floor at B block to the current footprint across 12 centers in diverse cities, we’ve got a trove of engaging stories to tell.

Celebrating six years of growth and innovation at The Address, each moment feels like a chapter in our story of hard work, growth, and striving for the best.

Today, we have the privilege of going behind the scenes with the visionary founder, Mr. Yash Shah, to uncover the story of The Address’s remarkable journey.

A Coffee Chat with Mr Yash Shah by Chahna Baksani:

Chahna Baksani: Good day, Mr. Yash Shah! Thank you for joining us today. To kick things off, can you share what motivated you to create a workspace that goes beyond the conventional?

Mr. Yash Shah: Oh, absolutely, Chahna! My stint as a financial writer with a Singapore-based startup, Flyspace, introduced me to coworking spaces. That was a learning experience to the next level. 

Now, the dream was always to run my own business. So, I came back to Ahmedabad. Instead of diving straight into my grand plans, I joined my family’s real estate business to understand the nooks and corners of India’s real estate industry. 

While doing that, I couldn’t help but notice that managing workspaces for businesses was a real headache, and that’s when the lightbulb went off. That’s when we decided to venture into the fast-paced and futuristic business of coworking, flex spaces, custom-built offices, and managed office spaces. And that’s where the seeds of The Address were sown.

Chahna Baksani: Yash, your vision for The Address is unique. What is the inspiration behind it?

Mr. Yash Shah: Alright, the spark behind The Address is that we want to kill the typical work culture. We’re out to make your office feel like a second home.

As we’ve grown, our vision has expanded. But you know what has stuck with us? It’s our hunger for learning. We treat each day like day one – always ready for new challenges and lessons.

Growing with an organization is an incomparable joy. We don’t just offer workstations; we provide an experience. Our aim isn’t to limit people to a desk; it’s to empower them to work from multiple places. It’s about redefining workspaces and embracing flexibility. – Yash Shah

Back in 2018, when this whole journey kicked off, we were burning the midnight oil, wondering what the next day had in store. 

Having been through the startup wringer, we’re all about helping out the new kids on the startup block. Whether they’re just starting or grinding like we were four years ago, The Address is here to help them grow, hit those goals, and maybe sidestep a few bumps. That’s where the inspiration comes from. 

Chahna Baksani: Yash, navigating internal teams and external clients can be quite a challenge. What obstacles have you encountered, and how do you tackle them?

Mr. Yash Shah: Chahna, in the startup game, as you grow, so does the vision. What seemed like a mountain on day one becomes a different beast on day 1000. And you know, coming up with fresh strategies and new ideas and executing them week after week, quarter after quarter, can get seriously tricky after a while.

Now, with the internal team, the real challenge is keeping everyone on the same page. But we keep the vision aligned and flexible with the people. And honestly, I’m fortunate to have the best team in the country. No one can do it alone, and the days of a founder thinking he can run the show solo are long gone.

Now, let’s talk about client support and management. The biggie in the service industry is managing client expectations, primarily when serving thousands daily—the secret sauce is quick turnaround time. My golden rule is not just saying what I want but figuring out what the other person needs to hear. And, like I said, once the internal vision is clear for the internal team, the client juggling act becomes much more manageable.

Chahna Baksani: Yash, The Address is making some big moves in the coworking space. Can you share the latest on your expansion plans?

Mr. Yash Shah: Absolutely, Chahna! We’re thrilled to announce that The Address is spreading its wings. We’re adding a whopping 2,00,000 sq. ft. of coworking magic in four cities nationwide.

First up, Ahmedabad gets a boost with 1,10,000 sq. ft. of new space, split between two fantastic deals – 70,000 sq. ft. and 40,000 sq. ft. Next, we’re setting up in Pune with 35,000 sq. ft., while Surat and Indore each get 25,000 sq. ft. That’s a total of 3,000 seats taken up across these four dynamic cities.

By the end of this year, we’re gearing up to add another 2,00,000 sq. ft. (that’s 3,000 more seats) in Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kochi, and Coimbatore.

With these moves, The Address is set to rock 6,00,000 sq. ft. of coworking space. It’s an exciting time for us!

Chahna Baksani: That brings us to my next question. Starting from Ahmedabad and reaching into other tier-2 cities is quite a move. What sparked that decision?

Mr. Yash Shah: Chahna, we love calling ourselves the Tier-2 enthusiasts, the tech-savvy champions of coworking and managed office spaces. Why? Because Tier 2 is where the real fun happens. These cities don’t have the whole workspace culture, and we’re trying to change that.

We aim to introduce the vibe of flexible and innovative workspaces to their culture, and you know what? They’ve embraced it with open arms. They’re blown away by the solutions and services our spaces bring. It’s like getting a taste of the future to their doorstep, and they’re loving it!

Chahna Baksani: Yash, anyone who walks into The Address spaces can’t help but be wowed by the design and infrastructure. Can you share the thought process behind the breathtaking design and infrastructure?

The design and infrastructure at The Address go beyond just looking good – they’re the heartbeat of our commitment to creating inspiring workspaces.

Where you work should be an experience, not just a physical space. So, when we conceptualize our spaces, we focus on blending functionality with aesthetics. Every nook and cranny is meticulously planned to enhance productivity, encourage collaboration, and, most importantly, excite people about coming to work.

From lively communal areas to those cozy spots perfect for laser-focused work, our goal is to make every square inch inspiring. And hey, we’re not just about the physical space; it’s about providing an ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of our fantastic members.

Tech-wise, we’re always looking ahead. So, the design and infrastructure at The Address are this intentional mashup of style and substance. 

Chahna Baksani: Yash, as The Address expands, what impact does it aim to have on society, the country, or humanity?

Mr. Yash Shah: Excellent question, Chahna. While we’re proud of the revenue we’re generating, our legacy is about more than just the numbers we rack up. It’s about our footprint in terms of giving back to society.

Our workforce is one of our standout achievements – we proudly employ 65% women. That’s not just a statistic; it’s a conscious effort to empower and uplift. And when you look at the bigger picture, directly or indirectly, we’re putting over 500 people to work every single day.

So, the growth of The Address isn’t just about expanding our reach; it’s about creating a positive ripple effect in the communities we’re part of. It’s about contributing to a more inclusive and empowered workforce, leaving an impact beyond the balance sheet.

Chahna Baksani: Yash, this chat has been a deep dive into The Address, and I must say, your passion for creating more than just workspaces is contagious. Looking ahead, I’m pumped to see what more unfolds in this exciting journey. Here’s to more success and creating cutting-edge workplaces that truly feel like home! Mr Yash Shah: Chahna, loved chatting about The Address with you! Exciting times ahead, and I’m grateful for the journey. Here’s to more candid talks and the next chapter of The Address! Cheers!