Celebrating 6 Years of The Address: A Journey from Inception to Success

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani is the Social Media Manager as well as a Content Writer at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Six years ago, a bold vision took shape – a vision aimed at redefining the workspace experience into a hub of innovation, collaboration, and success. Can you believe it? It’s been an awe-inspiring six years since we set sail on this remarkable voyage we affectionately call The Address.

Time truly does fly when you’re in the business of redefining how we work and connect!

So here we are today, virtually popping champagne corks to commemorate the 6th anniversary of The Address. One of the largest coworking spaces that has not only stood the test of time but has also emerged as a beacon of excellence in the dynamic landscape of shared workspaces.

As we raise our glasses to mark this milestone, it’s not just a celebration of years passed; it’s a jubilation of the journey – from the very beginning to the triumphs we savor today. We’ve weathered challenges, nurtured a thriving community, and set new benchmarks in the coworking realm.

Get ready to join us on a stroll down memory lane as we reflect on the incredible story of The Address and its pivotal role in shaping the future of work.

At The Address, it’s not just a name – it’s a commitment. We’re not here to be just a coworking space or a managed office space; we’re your perfect address, a spot crafted uniquely for every one of our clients. Why? Because for us, it’s about being the go-to place for all your needs. Picture it like finding the perfect spot in the city – that’s what we’re all about.

— Yash Shah, Founder, The Address

Get a visual glimpse into The Address’s journey—

Inception and Vision

At the helm of this venture was our founder, Mr. Yash Shah, whose entrepreneurial spirit and foresight laid the foundation for something extraordinary.

So, rewind six years. Yash didn’t just stumble upon the idea of The Address; it was a revelation inspired by his journey with FlySpaces, Southeast Asia’s premier workspace booking platform. That stint wasn’t just a job; it was the playbook that set the stage for The Address.

The time spent navigating the intricate world of workspaces at FlySpaces became the compass guiding him toward a vision that would transform the landscape in Ahmedabad.

It played a pivotal role in fueling Yash’s passion for introducing coworking and serviced office spaces back home. 

The real aha-moment came when he noticed a significant gap in the market. Entrepreneurs were hungry for furnished offices, seeking a solution to the hefty capital expenditure, particularly challenging for startups. Moreover, the desire to free themselves from the hassles of maintaining such spaces was a common thread.

Seeing this gap as a golden opportunity, Yash charted a course. The idea was simple yet groundbreaking – Craft flexible workspaces tailored for the hustling businesses in Ahmedabad. The motivation was clear: provide innovative workplace solutions, ensuring that professionals could focus on what matters most – their work.

And on January 22, 2018, we made the idea of innovative collaborative workspaces a reality.

Fast forward, and here we are – The Address, offering premier workspaces to a mix of growing businesses, enterprises, multinationals, and freelancers.

Let’s put The Address in perspective by the numbers – a testament to our growth and the vibrant community we’ve built.

Spread Across 600K Sq. Ft.: The Address holds the distinction of being the largest coworking and serviced office space provider in Gujarat.

Companies Served 500+: Over 500 companies have found their home at The Address.

Work Desks 7000+: From cozy corners to collaborative hubs, our workspaces cater to every professional’s need, ensuring there’s always room for your next big idea.

Coworkers Served 12,500+: A diverse and thriving community of over 12,500 coworkers – each bringing their unique energy to our shared spaces.

Growth in Tier-1 & 2 cities: ‘The Address’ expands, adding 200,000 sq. ft. across four Indian cities.

Ahmedabad Expansion: The company secures 1,10,000 sq. ft. of coworking space in Ahmedabad, striking two separate deals for 70,000 sq. ft. and 40,000 sq. ft., respectively.

Pune Presence: ‘The Address’ extends its reach with a new 35,000 sq. ft. coworking space in Pune, catering to the growing demand in the city.

Surat and Indore Inclusion: The expansion plan includes 25,000 sq. ft. coworking spaces in Surat and coworking space in Indore, contributing to the company’s diverse portfolio.

Expansion Ahead: ‘The Address’ plans to add 200,000 sq. ft. with 3,000 seats in Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kochi, and Coimbatore, reinforcing its presence.

“By the conclusion of 2025, I anticipate that coworking entities will occupy a substantial 70% of buildings in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.”— Yash Shah, Founder, The Address


In May 2018, the first client closed the deal, marking a significant milestone for The Address. Little did we know, the world was on the brink of facing one of its most challenging times – the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even in the face of adversity, The Address stood tall, providing clients with secure and adaptable office solutions.

Yash Shah takes pride in how The Address team navigated through the hurdles of the past few years. “In response to the pandemic, we swiftly implemented a plan prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, clients, and guests,” he affirms. The Address not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger.

The key to our resilience? A strategic shift towards flexible workspaces. As the world adapted to a new normal, The Address met the demand by offering private offices, team spaces, serviced meeting rooms, virtual office plans, and more.

Yash Shah emphasizes, “Flexible workspaces are a natural fit for the future of work. And we are well-prepared to seize the moment with our beautiful, white-labeled spaces designed to represent our clients seamlessly.”

Unique Features and Services

Innovative Workspace Design

Enter a space where innovation and design seamlessly merge. Our state-of-the-art facilities transcend traditional workspaces. They’re dynamic environments meticulously crafted to inspire creativity and foster collaboration. But it’s more than just a space; it’s an experience.

Tailored Member Benefits

We don’t just provide a desk; we curate an ecosystem for your success. Exclusive member benefits are ingrained in The Address experience. Personalized services, professional development opportunities, and networking events are the pillars of support in your continual growth journey.

Elevated Amenities

At The Address, convenience reigns supreme. A specialized pantry on the working floor, a fully-equipped gym on the relaxation floor, and dedicated zones for games create a seamless experience. For those desiring a scenic backdrop, our exclusive business center overlooks the tranquil relaxation area. Every detail is designed to enhance your workspace experience.

Tech-Driven Convenience

Seamless workdays are the norm at The Address. Our tech-infused amenities, from high-speed internet to cutting-edge meeting room solutions, harness the power of technology for heightened productivity. Here, innovation is not just encouraged; it’s facilitated.

Community-Centric Approach

Beyond being a workspace, The Address is a thriving community. Colleagues aren’t just coworkers; they’re collaborators. Success stories unfold organically in an atmosphere where networking isn’t a task but a natural part of your professional journey.

Green Workspace Initiatives

Join us in contributing to a sustainable future. The Address takes pride in being a green workspace, where eco-friendly practices and sustainable designs are seamlessly integrated into our operations. 

The Address House: A Milestone in Coworking Excellence

October 23 witnessed a monumental moment in The Address’s journey – the grand inauguration of The Address House, a magnificent addition to our esteemed Westgate Premise in the distinguished E block. 

From a modest presence on a single floor in the B block, we have now evolved into an entire architectural marvel exclusively dedicated to The Address. Today, with immense pride, we unveil The Address House, our flagship coworking, managed, and serviced office space, spanning an expansive 50,000 square feet. 

This milestone is a testament to our commitment to excellence and providing an exceptional ecosystem for businesses and their employees. 

Looking Ahead

The Address is set to reach new heights with exciting additions to our portfolio, affirming our dedication to expansion and excellence. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest ventures, starting with a new center in the vibrant city of Nashik, where we’ve closed 200 seats for entrepreneurs and professionals. 

This marks the beginning of a thriving community in an environment tailored for success. But there’s more – we’re extending our reach to Indore, establishing a center to empower the dynamic workforce and foster collaboration. 

Brace yourself for the grand opening of our fourth center in the bustling city of Baroda, showcasing our commitment to bringing world-class services to diverse communities. 

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for a visionary expansion into the metropolis of Chennai, embodying The Address’s ethos of creating innovative and collaborative work environments. 

Each milestone reflects the trust and support of our members and partners, and with each new center, we aim to craft thriving ecosystems where businesses flourish and success stories unfold.

About The Address

The Address isn’t just a coworking space; it’s a dynamic hub with its roots in Ahmedabad and branches reaching across India through continuous expansion. Spread across key cities in India, our offices host over 150 companies, including leading MNCs.

We believe a workspace should be more than a desk – it should foster growth, productivity, and innovation with modern design.

Tailored for start-ups, SMEs, freelancers, and anyone seeking an Address that transforms lives and establishes businesses with peace of mind.

We take a holistic approach, understanding the complexities of workspaces and their pivotal role in unlocking maximum potential for employers and employees.

Every day, we add new feathers to our hats, changing lives and redefining the concept of coworking.