Best Benefits of Gym-Equipped Coworking Spaces

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani is the Social Media Manager as well as a Content Writer at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Most businesses, big and small, have traded conventional workspaces for flexible coworking spaces. They realize the world of benefits coworking spaces offer when it comes to improving productivity, lowering costs, and building a sense of community. 

The growing thrust on building a positive work culture has encouraged business leaders to shift their focus to employee wellbeing. No wonder, coworking spaces are riding on this trend and designing spaces with a gamut of facilities for a healthy and distraction-free work environment. 

The Address, a coworking space for independent professionals and entrepreneurs is an excellent workspace offering a multitude of facilities that leverages cutting-edge technology to make life comfortable for its members. 

Modern coworking spaces are taking employee wellbeing seriously by including functional gyms and wellness corners in their design. Gyms in coworking spaces can nurture a healthy environment, thus tackling burnout, fatigue, and stress-related health issues at work. 

Let’s explore the top benefits of choosing a gym-equipped coworking space for your team. 

1. Improved Workplace Wellness

A typical workday often has employees spending long days in front of the computer with less physical activity. Further, the stress of ongoing work contributes to stress, thereby impacting employee wellbeing and productivity. 

With a gym in the workplace, employees can get active in their free time and combat the health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising is known to improve physical and mental wellness and boost employee mood.  

The World Health Organization and several reports share that regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several neuropsychiatric disorders. Further, exercise is known to reduce the level of cortisol that wreaks havoc on the human mind and body while releasing endorphins that manage stress effectively. 

Finally, sleep is another factor that’s key to leading a happy and productive life. Several studies have proven that regular moderate to high-intensity exercise stabilizes sleep patterns and cures insomnia. 

2. Contributes to Productivity

A research paper from Harvard Business Review found that including exercise as a regular part of your daily routine not just improves physical but also mental wellbeing. Physical activity improves the overall mood (runner’s high), thus reducing stress and negative emotions that are known to inhibit creativity. 

Gym-equipped workspaces allow employees to work out at their convenience, thus relieving them of stress and enabling them to contribute innovative ideas at work. Several studies show that during physical activity, the brain is marinated with extra blood, oxygen, and nutrients, thus sharpening the person’s ability to reason and remember better. 

In fact, a Leeds Metropolitan University study shared that employees who visited the gym during work hours were more productive and felt more satisfied at work.

Thus, gym-equipped coworking spaces allow employees to work freely, thereby boosting business productivity and profits. 

3. Boosts Employee Morale 

Opting for a gym-equipped coworking space speaks volumes about how much the organization values employee wellbeing. It’s proof that the organization wants its employees to thrive beyond the workspace. This contributes to a greater level of appreciation and job satisfaction. 

Employees who feel good about their employers are bound to be energetic, productive and more satisfied with their jobs. They have high morale and are motivated to achieve their objectives. 

Employees with high morale are team players. They are more energetic to train and collaborate with other team members on various projects. In fact, the gym can be a great place for employees to interact during their free time and have informal discussions about work. 

Further, they get to network with other people in the industry. Whether it’s a yoga class or a cardio workout, coworking space gyms can bring together employees from various departments and organizations together. 

4. Reduces Absenteeism 

Most companies spend a huge amount on their employees’ healthcare needs. Plus, the cost of absenteeism due to sickness eats up into company profitability. 

With a gym at the workspace, employees will be encouraged to work out and stay fit. They will be less vulnerable to common illnesses, thereby reducing the number of sick days and workforce gaps. Thus, gyms at coworking spaces reduce the risk of short-term absenteeism and long-term disability leave. 

5. Attracts Top Talent 

Having a gym at the workplace is a solid reason for candidates to apply and consider joining your organization. A gym with world-class facilities will attract top talent in the industry and encourage them to spread good word about the company. 

Most people have to pay a significant amount for gym memberships. An organization allowing employees to access the gym at the workplace is an attractive perk for candidates looking to stay on top of their fitness goals. 

All this contributes to positive employer branding (a great overall perception in the market), communicating to future employees that the organization is a great place to work. Further, a strong employer brand impacts not just the recruitment of new talent but also the retention and engagement of existing employees. 

6. Contributes to Employee Retention 

Hiring new people is costlier than retaining existing employees. That’s because your expenses are consistent and you don’t incur additional costs. No wonder, employee retention is a key goal for most organizations. To foster a positive environment, most companies show appreciation to their employees, offer competitive pay packages, and encourage fitness-centric programs for their wellbeing.  

Workplaces with on-site gyms are one of the greatest employee benefits a company can offer. Thus, it works as an employee retention tool that not just saves money but also saves them the effort of driving to a distant site to work out. Employees will appreciate the flexibility to work out in their free time as it will help them effectively manage their busy schedules. 

Summing Up 

Fitness is a critical part of life. But we live in a world where most working professionals spend hours stuck to their desks. Such a lifestyle not just affects a person’s physical and mental wellbeing but also pulls down their creativity and productivity. 

We are sure that the points discussed in this post will encourage you to opt for a gym-equipped coworking space for your company.