A wealth management firm scales its operations with a managed office space solution

Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

AGIL is the brainchild of Abhimanyu Goswami. He has been very passionate about investing to create wealth since a very tender age and this deep interest and passion in this field for years got him to start AGIL, about 3.5 years ago.

Since then, Abhimanyu has hired some of the most elite mathematicians and scientists from all over the country and created strategies based on historical data using the fundamentals of quantitative analysis. He and his team have successfully predicted and analyzed the markets during the pandemic, helping individuals, companies, and friends make 100%-300% returns on stock investments.

Abhimanyu’s philosophy for AGIL is to find opportunities for clients to invest in and ultimately create wealth for them. Under his expert supervision, AGIL is managed with an open, freewheeling atmosphere more like a university department than a company.

“I was searching for coworking spaces in Ahmedabad around 3.5 years ago, I came across The Address and I directly called Yash,” — this is how Abhimanyu began AGIL’s growth journey with The Address.

He has been associated with The Address right from the beginning.

Before joining The Address, Abhimanyu’s headquarters were at his home.

“My first official office is, was, and will always be The Address,” says Abhimanyu.

“In the last 3.5 years of our journey, with the support of The Address we’ve grown substantially, so it was time we moved from coworking to customized office space,” says Abhimanyu.

That was the reason that made AGIL move from coworking to a customized office space. “We always wanted to be associated with The Address,” adds Abhimanyu.

AGIL Wealth Management Office Photos:

Why The Address?

For Abhimanyu, the main reason to choose The Address was Yash, the Founder and CEO of The Address.

“When I came to know that Yash is the owner and the way he respects people, that made me think that this is a place where we will get respect,” says Abhimanyu.

“And when you are small and growing, the only thing you seek is respect — and that’s what we get here,” he explains.

When asked how The Address and its team contribute to AGIL’s expansion:

“The Address team has been very flexible to us,” answers Abhimanyu.

“They are very understanding, and the way The Address supported everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the vaccination drive — I don’t think any other office space solution in India has those nerves of steel to carry out a vaccination drive,” he elaborates.

To support its coworking community during the pandemic, The Address carried out a free vaccination drive thrice.

“The best part is that the team never keeps changing, and I’ve seen staff getting added rather than getting removed, so we’ve developed a consistent relationship with the team and it’s a good rapport and environment that we share,” says Abhimanyu.

When asked to share his thoughts on The Address’s community and events:

“Those events are just amazing, my team enjoys a lot,” answers Abhimanyu.

“Rather than just owning an office, we have activities that keep my team motivated, and it’s a very indulging environment that we have here,” he adds.

So what’s Abhimanyu’s explanation of his overall journey at The Address?

“Growth, growth, and growth!”

He gracefully explained how “there will always be ifs, thens, and buts — there will always be glitches when running a company or coworking space — but the best part is that The Address accepts and addresses those glitches, and nothing remains unaddressed.”

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