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Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Growfusely is an SEO and Content Marketing agency that strategizes, crafts, and distributes link- and share-worthy content for brands, helping them scale their online presence. Established in 2018 — around the same time as The Address — Growfusely is headquartered in Ahmedabad with team members across the nation.

As a close-knit team of content strategists, creators, marketers, and SEO pros, the agency delivers bespoke content marketing and PR solutions for growing businesses, taking their online visibility to new heights.

Pratik Dholakiya, the Founder of Growfusely, shares his thoughts on how The Address helped the agency grow at such an impressive pace with its premium coworking space solution.

“I have been a part of The Address since May 2018 and have been enjoying every minute of being here,” says Pratik.

Before joining The Address’s coworking community, Pratik had been working from home and tried a couple of other coworking spaces on an ad-hoc basis.

Why The Address?

So, what made Pratik seek a custom office solution provider — specifically The Address — rather than a traditional office space?

“Before being a part of The Address, my goal was to find an office space that can be operated with minimal day-to-day office admin-related hassles. Plus, I was starting out as a solopreneur with the aim to build a team over the course of a few months, so I wasn’t keen to look for a traditional office space where I would’ve had to make a move when we grew,” says Pratik.

“Instead, I wanted to find a coworking or managed office space where I don’t have to change the office location and addresses on all the legal paperwork,” he adds.

“I did see about 3 coworking spaces before joining The Address, but nowhere I got the positive vibes once I entered their premises,” ponders Pratik.

“However, as soon as I got to know about The Address, I decided to visit and once I entered the building premises the vibes were extremely positive and the office entrance on the 22nd floor of The Address was even more satisfying,” he explains.

“Some of the things that made me finalize The Address were the office environment and how the space was designed, its end-to-end solution with zero admin hassles, the cooperative staff and supportive management team, the relaxation areas and amenities, the canteen with quality food, and the well-maintained and world-class building premises — these were all on my list as the aim was to build a team in the longer run,” he elaborates further.

Today, Growfusely is a team of 25+ members, most of whom are working from The Address’s premium managed office space.

Growfusely Office Photos:

When asked about his thoughts on The Address’s community and its events:

“The community is fantastic and we have been enjoying all the community events being hosted by The Address. Our entire team enjoys the movie screenings, breakfast events, table tennis tournaments, and various other events being hosted regularly,” answers Pratik.

Growfusely’s Growth Journey at The Address

For any business, one of the biggest success indicators is growth in terms of the client base and the employee count.

At Growfusely, growth has been pretty impressive, to say the least.

“The Address and its team have contributed immensely to Growfusely’s expansion journey,” says Pratik.

“Even before Growfusely was the Growfusely team it is now, their support and helping hand — with a special thanks to Yash Shah, the Founder — were never biased. As I mentioned, I was a solopreneur when I joined The Address and now we’re a team of 25+ members working together from our own custom office made and managed by The Address,” elaborates Pratik.

“Another special thanks to The Address team for helping us during the peak pandemic months when they waived off a full month rent for April 2020 and almost half of the rent for May 2020 even when they had their recurring costs of paying the salaries to staff and other overheads they were taking care of,” he adds.

“Not all office owners would have been this considerate,” he says.

So what are Pratik’s views on his overall journey and experience at The Address?

“Couldn’t have asked for a better solution and service while being a part of The Address. The entire team including the management, community + happiness managers, support staff, and everyone else contributes equally to keep our office and The Address in the best shape possible,” answers Pratik.

“I’m very satisfied with how they have designed and made our private custom office the way it is, and I’d highly recommend The Address to anyone looking for a coworking space or a managed office space solution,” he concludes.

As a leading Content Marketing and SEO agency, Growfusely continues to expand its creative team and global client base at The Address.

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