How Introverts Can Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
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In the buzz and hustle of today’s shared workspaces, introverts may often find themselves navigating a landscape that seems designed more for their extroverted counterparts. 

Thriving in coworking spaces can pose unique challenges for introverts, who typically prefer calm, minimally stimulating environments. Overstimulation due to constant activity, group activities, and open floor plans could potentially create a barrier to their productivity.

Moreover, these challenges can subtly influence an introvert’s personal and professional growth. Increased stress levels, lack of focus, and reduced engagement with colleagues can obstruct learning opportunities and collaborations that are essential in a coworking setting. 

However, this doesn’t mean premium coworking spaces are not meant for introverts. Quite the contrary, with the right hacks in hand, introverts can turn these shared spaces into a haven for productivity, focus, and peace of mind.

In this article, let’s look at four hacks that will help introverts to thrive in coworking environments.

1. Set Your Workspace Where You Are Comfortable

As an introvert, finding a spot in the coworking space that suits your needs is the first step towards a productive workday. Choosing a workspace that minimizes distraction is essential. Look for areas with less “team traffic,” like the ends of rows or corners of the room. 

These spots are likely to have less footfall and can offer a quieter work environment.

Additionally, you can consider opting for a private office or an individual cabin if your team has the budget for that. Private offices offer the best of both worlds: you can work in your own private space while still having access to the common amenities and networking opportunities that coworking spaces provide.

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By setting up your workspace in a location that aligns with your comfort levels, you can significantly improve your focus and productivity. Remember, the goal here is to optimize your work environment for your needs.

2. Be Open With Your Team From The Start

One of the most crucial steps for introverts to thrive in a coworking space is communication. It might seem daunting, but it’s essential to be upfront with your team about your introverted nature. 

For instance, you can let them know that while you might not be the most outgoing or talkative person, it doesn’t mean you’re not a valuable team member or that you don’t enjoy their company.

Expressing your needs openly can promote understanding among your colleagues and make them more considerate of your space and boundaries. It’s perfectly okay to express your preference for one-on-one conversations instead of group discussions, or that you need a quiet space to concentrate on your tasks.

Consider this example: Your team has a habit of impromptu brainstorming sessions, which can be overwhelming for you as an introvert. By communicating your feelings, you can suggest an alternate arrangement that works for you – like having a heads-up before a brainstorming session or suggesting a structured agenda. 

This way, you have time to prepare and are able to contribute effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

Being open about your nature not only helps you get the understanding and space you need but also fosters a transparent and accommodating work culture within your team. It ensures that everyone’s work style is respected and acknowledged, leading to more productive and harmonious teamwork in your coworking space.

3. Network with Your Coworkers One on One

Imagine being in a coworking space, and you see your coworker Amanda, who’s known for her fantastic coding skills. You’ve always admired her proficiency and wanted to pick her brain, but the thought of group discussions deters you. Here’s where one-on-one networking becomes a game-changer for introverts.

Begin by initiating a conversation with Amanda on a platform you’re comfortable with. It could be a direct message complimenting her on her recent project or a question about a coding challenge. 

This is a personalized approach to networking that feels more like a friendly chat rather than a formal, stress-inducing interaction.

Once you’ve broken the ice, suggest a casual meet-up. Maybe a coffee break, where you can discuss more about your shared interests in coding. This way, you’re not just networking; you’re forming a deeper, more meaningful connection.

These one-on-one interactions can be tremendously fruitful. You get to know your team members on a personal level, learn from them, and broaden your network. This strategy helps introverts to expand their professional network at a pace that suits them and in an environment where they feel at ease. 

By redefining the networking norms to match your comfort zone, you set the stage for genuine connections that can boost your growth in a coworking space.

4. Try to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Occasionally

Imagine a usual day at your coworking space, the constant buzz of activity, the lively chatter, and those community events that you often choose to sidestep. 

Now, picture a day when you decide to change the routine, explore the unfamiliar, and say yes to that event invitation. It may sound daunting, but the potential rewards are too significant to ignore.

Coworking spaces are renowned for their vibrant community events. These could be anything from team-building activities, professional development workshops, or even an informal community luncheon. Participating in these events can expose you to fresh perspectives and ideas that you can integrate into your own work, fostering personal and professional growth.

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To challenge yourself further, consider volunteering for these events. It places you in a situation where interaction becomes not just necessary, but manageable and purposeful. 

For instance, you could volunteer for the organization of an upcoming workshop. This means you would be communicating with attendees, but primarily regarding event logistics, which might be less stressful for you than the usual casual chit-chat.

Volunteering in this way can improve your soft skills, such as collaboration and communication, which are increasingly valued in the professional sphere. Furthermore, it elevates your status as an engaged and proactive member of the community. 

Ultimately, these activities could transform the coworking space from a daunting place of work into a nurturing environment that supports your growth.

Summing Up

Thriving as an introvert in a coworking space is less about changing your inherent nature and more about understanding your unique needs and finding innovative ways to meet them. 

By optimizing your workspace for comfort, openly communicating your preferences to your team, leveraging one-on-one networking opportunities, and occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone, you can harness the many benefits of coworking spaces without feeling overwhelmed.

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It’s about time you discovered just how productive and fulfilling coworking can be for you.