How does a startup benefit from operating in a coworking space?

Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Coworking is a business model or an arrangement wherein employees across different companies share an office space and benefit by the communal facilities provided. 

The coworking culture was first introduced by Brad Neuberg in 2005 and is now embraced by a sea of individuals. From small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to remote and corporate organisations everyone’s been in awe of this new workplace solution.

Coworking took hold in the last decade and startups have majorly advanced through its surge. Interestingly, it’s more than just a catchy phrase or an ongoing trend. It is a revolution that is here to stay. This has happened due to a range of reasons discussed throughout the course of this blog.

1. Cost effective way: 

Coworking is a cheaper alternative for setting up your business, hassle free. Being a startup you may or may not be able to afford the rent of the office space, electricity bills, tea and coffee supplies, stationary, printers, excessive amenities, maintenance, pantry supplies, furnishings, etc!  

It takes away the woes and the excessive complications attached with building an office space from scratch. Thereby, operating in a coworking space gives you ease, efficiency and necessary cost cuts that is truly the need of the hour while establishing any business. 

2. Umpteenth opportunities: 

The concept of shared office spaces has been a hit because of the endless networking opportunities that it presents. When you function in a coworking space, you could be sharing the floor or the desk with a finance, legal, marketing, cloud kitchen company – and so, so many more.

Some of them could turn out to be your clients, while some of them could be your advisers. Who is to know – a few could be your new partners as well? Thanks to the concept of coworking, the networks and contacts generated here are quick and easy, a gigantic win- win for startups.   

3. Flexibility: 

Startups in their formative years really require this benefit. Under a coworking model one can choose from a hot desk, dedicated desk, cabins, entire floors, buildings or merely a handful of desks. They can start by paying for solely ten desks and as and when the business expands they can take up more space. 

What’s more is that they can choose their hours of work and space as well. Coworking spaces are usually operational for 24 hours and in this manner, a startup’s own sort of timings could be duly aligned. The team can work in the cafeteria, relaxation area, gym – or whatever floats their boat.

Coworking spaces make it a point to provide utmost comfort and flexibility to all of their clients. 

4. Amenities, amenities and a few events: 

A coworking environment will spoil you with its gigantic list of amenities. They are composed of – parking, recreational areas, gym, cafeteria, printing and scanning facilities, pantry with endless supplies, conference rooms, lounge, library, breakout zones, etc. These upbeat options will surely entice and motivate the startups.

The work- life balance is crucial and hence, a myriad of events are also held in these spaces. This takes away all the stress, mid week blues and ends the monotony of continuous work.

Simply put – startups really need to understand the concept of coworking because they can be the ones truly reaping all the benefits. A productive atmosphere, vibrant community, great infrastructure, flexible workspace, networking opportunities, increased focus and innovation, etc. – should not be missed at any cost.

So, to all the startups starting their new ventures, the coworking opportunity will let you focus on the important stuff and not the tiring, professional upkeep of the office – and that is undoubtedly life-changing