5 Benefits of Hot Desking

Divya Sitlani
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With hybrid work culture becoming a staple, managing office spaces has become challenging.

Almost 50 percent of the office spaces aren’t utilised efficiently, while companies are paying for 100 percent of it.

The crux is improper management of spaces is impacting their operational expenses.

Are you one of those organisations?

Whether you are a small-to-mid enterprise or a large-scale company, hot desking can be your best bet.

Hot Desk: Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Hot desking is a unique system that allows you to share the same workspace with multiple employees at different times. The goal is to create an ad hoc workstation for professionals without reserving spaces. 

Hot desking offers an ergonomically sound and flexible work environment that complies with the hybrid approach. 

As the trend of hybrid work culture is likely to continue even after the pandemic, hot desking is gaining popularity. That’s not all. There’s much more to hot desking. 

In this post, we have shared the top five benefits of hot desking that will give you better clarity on what it has to offer. 

Let’s get started.

5 Benefits of Hot Desking

The following list highlights the top benefits of hot desking.

1. Optimise Resources


Did you know?

In traditional offices, around 40 percent of the desks remain unused. 

From an employee’s perspective, it may not seem a big deal. 

But such inefficient space utilisation can impact a business owner’s budget. 

Unlike traditional setups, hot desking allows you to house more staff in the same space. Your team can use the space and resources for crucial projects and meetings. For instance, if your team works in shifts, they can use the same meeting room at distinct intervals.

A recent survey states that hot desking can save up to 5 percent of the total operating costs

Hence, from rent to utility, hot desking is a win-win. It can bring tangible advantages to your bottom line, especially if you are an SMB in its growth phase. It can help expand your team without increasing the office footprint and budget.

2. Offer Greater Working Flexibility to Employees


The pandemic has brought significant changes in employees’ desired work lives. 

Nine out of ten employees are demanding flex work opportunities. The recent trend of great resignation is a visible uptick affirming their desire. 

As an entrepreneur and owner of a scaling business, hot desking can offer working flexibility to your growing team.

From creating quiet private spaces to brainstorming zones that allow interactive sessions, sharing desks enables you to use vacant areas constructively. Your team can move around and work at their convenience. 

Here are a few ideas to help you plan your office space for ensuring higher productivity.

  • Private Spaces: These spaces can promote one-to-one meetings and operations that need focus. For instance, desks that have phone booths and conference rooms.
  • Touchdown Spaces: They include soft seating areas or informal work settings. For instance, lounge or fitness spaces that allow employees to relax.
  • Cafeterias: These spaces allow employees to have conversations over a cup of coffee.

Hot desks in modern coworking workspaces already have these facilities. Moving to coworking spaces with such top-class amenities can ease your journey.

3. Improve Your Teamwork and Collaboration


Collaboration encourages creativity, innovation, and productivity – three pivotal factors for better ROI.

Creating a collaborative workspace is a gruelling task.

The reason?

Employees can become siloed from teammates working in other departments. When left unaddressed, this work pattern can create a communication gap and restrict your team from achieving work goals.

Hot deskers never face such issues as shared spaces encourage more cross-functional collaboration. Without the constraints of using a particular desk, your team can communicate with anyone across the departments. If you operate from a coworking space, such a culture can bring networking opportunities and strengthen professional relationships.

Your team can interact with investors, contemporaries, and mentors. They can discuss new ideas, share best practices that promote better decisions.

4. Create Clutter-Free Work Areas


Profits and productivity can decline when clutter on desks rises. 

Whereas clean work areas can reduce stress, enhance focus, and allow your team to perform better.

Moreover, there’s a renewed emphasis on maintaining cleanliness due to COVID-19. So, you need to sanitise and clean the workstation to keep your team safe.

A hot desking environment can help you maintain enough cleanliness. 


Regular sanitisation is not challenging as your team doesn’t have fixed desks. They will need to take their documents, files, laptops, and other stuff each time they move. The flex desks make it easier to keep the workstations tidy. You can even establish a clean workplace policy to encourage best hygiene practices. 

This conscious effort will ensure a happy and healthy environment at the workplace.

5. Promote a Positive Work Environment 


Working professionals spend almost a third of their lives in the office. 

Paying attention to the working environment is crucial for retaining talented employees for the long term.


The work environment can positively influence the health and work satisfaction of the employees. Around 93 percent of working professionals seek a space that empowers them to work, collaborate, and enjoy. As an entrepreneur, hot desking can help you meet these goals and weave a positive work environment.

Here’s how hot desking encourages your employees to stay happy throughout their day.

  • Provides flexibility to work.
  • Offers collaborative spaces to improve communication.
  • Builds specialised zones to de-stress and relax.

So, set a new standard for your workspace by leveraging the power of hot desking.

To Sum Up

Hot desking is second-to-none when it comes to scaling a business. 

The shared benefits affirm how it opens horizons to improved productivity and collaboration.

Opting for coworking spaces with hot desks can further uplift these benefits. They cater to thoughtful and cost-efficient designs and suit the distinct work style of employees.  

So, whether you are an SMB, startup, or an established brand, choose hot-desking and let your venture thrive!