A global IT consulting & software solutions provider grows locally with agile coworking solutions

Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

NeoSOFT is an SEI-CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001:2008 certified global IT consulting & software solutions provider with 3000+ software consultants working full time across 8 delivery centers. Established in 1996, NeoSOFT is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in the USA, UK, Dubai, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

The company delivers scalable design, development, and marketing solutions while adhering to strict deadlines for small-medium businesses, startups, agencies, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Ravi Kavaiya, the Head of Department, Java Development, shares his thoughts on how The Address helped NeoSOFT grow locally with a custom and agile shared office space solution.

“We’ve been associated with The Address for more than 2 years, starting around April 2019,” says Ravi.

Before joining The Address’s coworking community, Ravi worked at NeoSOFT’s Pune and Mumbai offices. When deciding to expand operations in Gujarat, The Address is the first place where NeoSOFT started its offices.

Why The Address?

So, what made NeoSOFT seek a customized office space solution in Ahmedabad, rather than build one from scratch?

“We got good options with The Address, they are ready to customize as per our requirements,” says Ravi. “Before joining The Address, I visited one or two coworking spaces but I was not happy in terms of the infrastructure and facilities,” says Ravi.

“Whatever we need — from basic tea/coffee available 24/7 to housekeeping staff, maintenance, and high-speed internet — everything is as per our requirements as a software company,” he explains.

“We get a spacious office space in a prime location, so the local connectivity is smooth too,” adds Ravi.

When asked how The Address and its team contribute to NeoSOFT’s expansion journey:

“We’re already a well-known company with over 2000 employees, and when I started with NeoSOFT Ahmedabad, I was the only person working in this branch,” answers Ravi.

Their Ahmedabad team slowly grew from one to three, three to five, five to twenty-five members, and consequently moved from the coworking space to enclosed cabins. Ultimately, they moved to their own private, fully managed office space.

NeoSOFT Office Photos:

“Now, we are a team of more than 100 members, and it’s been a very good journey, with special thanks to Yash and Ami who’ve stayed with us every step of the way. In terms of help, they’re always available on call and provide proper, prompt responses,” he elaborates.

So at what capacity is NeoSOFT currently operating in Ahmedabad?

“Due to the pandemic situation, we’re currently running with 15-20 developers in-office, but overall I have a staff of more than 100,” says Ravi.

When asked about his thoughts on The Address’s community and its events:

“My employees are very grateful for the events, they are active and love to participate in all the fun events hosted by The Address,” he answers.

NeoSOFT’s Growth Journey at The Address

In 2019, NeoSOFT let Ravi come to Ahmedabad with the flexibility to start a new office branch as per his requirements. So what are Ravi’s views on his overall journey and experience at The Address?

“I had no experience in operating and staffing a new office, and The Address provided a ready-made framework that minimized my struggle to grow the business and hire employees,” says Ravi.

“I had near-daily basis communication with The Address’s staff for various things like community events, networking, support, and more, so I established a good rapport with The Address team and they’ve been our helping hand since the very beginning,” he explains.

“I developed a family-like bond with the various companies in the coworking community as we talked work-life, had lunch together, and played table tennis each day in the breakout zone,” he adds.

“So the initial days were very enjoyable for me, full of learning experiences from people of diverse backgrounds and support from The Address and its community members,” elaborates Ravi.

He concluded on a strong positive note by saying that The Address “helped us step-by-step, as per our needs, and while there were a few hiccups here and there, Yash and his team always provided quick resolutions — which explains their own impressive growth as a new company, expanding from two floors to over ten floors in the last 3 years.” And so, The Address grows hand-in-hand with its coworking community with each passing year.

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