7 Types of Coworking Spaces for Businesses-Which One is Your Pick?

Divya Sitlani
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Coworking spaces are diversifying. 

With so many tangents and applications already in place, coworking is getting bigger, horizontally and vertically.

While the modern coworking spaces still retain “flexibility” as their core value, they do cultivate new coworking approaches with a twist of cross-functionality.

Driving this whirlwind of variety is the expanding diversity of work environment demands and global emphasis on flexible work. There is coworking space for every need, from high-end plush spaces to rudimentary open floor plans. But, it’s essential to choose what’s best for your business.

So, we’ve handpicked seven major types of coworking space available across the globe. Read on to find the best fit for yourself.

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Seven varieties of coworking spaces for various businesses 

1. Private workspace for the love of privacy

Whereas conventional coworking space is all about sharing desks, private workspaces catch the eye of businesses that prefer to operate in private spaces. 

Understandably, many businesses are apprehensive about the impact of “openness” of traditional coworking spaces on their team’s efficiency.

Leading coworking operators like The Address annul this issue by dishing out the personalized office or even a private floor without requiring you to make any long-term investment. 

With custom-branded workspaces, your teams can function at their best without distractions and enjoy shared amenities simultaneously.

Works Well for:

  • Teams working on short-term projects.
  • Growing companies and start-ups.

2. Gym coworking spaces that cut the commute between office and gym

The marriage between coworking spaces and fitness centers is taking coworking innovation to the next level. It demonstrates a unique shared economy model wherein coworking, fitness, and in some cases, the hospitality industry, come together to delight their members with a regal work experience. 

The top-notch on-site gym facilities of trendy hybrid coworking models are a rage among business owners and employees alike. They enable gym coworking members to combine their work and work out for greater concentration and enhanced creativity. 

Some of the standard fitness and wellness amenities you would find in a gym coworking space are:

  • Yoga studio 
  • Tennis center
  • Strength and cardio equipment
  • Zumba center

The Metropolis FIT collective, Brooklyn boulders, and Re:creative (Brussels) are already winning hearts with cutting-edge technology, fantastic space, and plenty of exciting work and recreation opportunities.

Works Well for:

  • Digital nomads
  • Freelance entrepreneurs
  • Health and fitness professionals
  • Students and interns
  • Remote workers

3. Minimal coworking space when less is more

This is the ideal destination for work when affordability is your prime concern, and additional amenities are not. If all you need is a desk, Wi-Fi, and a coffee (free or paid!), the minimal space sounds just about the right type of coworking space you’re looking for to manifest your start-up dreams. 

No-frills open spaces with minimalist furniture and décor are the trademark of such coworking spaces. Though smaller and quieter than other coworking breeds, minimal coworking spaces are great for harboring a close-knit community culture.

Works Well for:

  • Budding freelancers
  • Solopreneurs 

4. Family coworking spaces to achieve the dream work-life balance

Coworking spaces have been catering to all types of members with all sorts of facilities imaginable- except child-care. 

However, as the millennial generation continues to embrace self-employment and nuclear family numbers rise in the urban landscape, there is now a demand for safe and flexible office spaces that offer both workspace and child care.

Here you’ll find the best of the traditional coworking amenities forged with child-care facilities, such as:

  • Fresh and healthy meals
  • Professional babysitters and teachers
  • Well-equipped playground 
  • Technology to watch the kid
  • Design that appeals to kids and parents 
  • Highest hygiene standards
  • Playschool

Full-fledged on-site nursery of Big and tiny, The workaround, Work and play, Coworking toddler, Two birds, Cuckooz nest have already set the bar high. Built specifically to cater to the needs of children, these state-of-the-art child-friendly coworking spaces and pay-as-you-go models offer a friction-free working experience to the professionals who are reluctant to part ways with their little ones.

Works well for:

  • Freelancers
  • Work from homers
  • Part-timers
  • Mumpreneurs

5. Niche spaces for specialization way beyond basics

While multipurpose coworking spaces have a larger bandwidth and fulfill more general coworking needs, niche-specific coworking is rapidly catching up with the evolving needs of community-specific coworkers.

With these spaces, coworking operators tailor their coworking services for a particular group of people to position their brand uniquely in the noisy marketplace. 

And how does that help its members? 

It offers them access to niche-specific amenities challenging to find in conventional coworking spaces, a sense of community out of shared interest, and tons of collaboration opportunities.

Some of the interesting niche-specific spaces across the globe are:

  • Phase two- Entrepreneurs and creators in tech, media, and entertainment
  • Paragon space- Dedicated to the cannabis industry
  • Knack coworking- LGBTQ+ spaces
  • Kleverdog coworking- Dog-friendly coworking  
  • Tradecraft industries- Construction-focused spaces

6. Coworking incubators breeding innovations

Unlike classic incubators, these places are not exclusive to start-ups but are also available for freelancers and independent workers. With open-ended membership, you will see a greater focus on sharing ideas and building a community of like-minded professionals.

Works well for:

  • Early-age start-ups
  • Developers
  • Engineers

7. Bartering coworking space for exchanging services

One of the oldest concepts of sharing is showing up again in the form of co-barter spaces.

The deal is that coworkers can join these workspaces without paying for full membership but in exchange for their skills or services to the coworking space. 

Thus, a smartly-laid co-bartering system can be the best solution for entrepreneurs struggling to get a coworking space due to a lack of funds. Alternatively, it could mean a great deal for coworking spaces, especially for the bootstrapped ones striving to grow their membership.

For instance, coworkers can lend their services in the area of communication, writing, social media marketing, translation, graphic design, consulting, office management, etc., and get treated like paying members of the coworking space.

Although the partnership is based on co-existence and without any apparent monetary transaction, the trade-off should be worthwhile to both the parties involved.

This coworking setting works well for entrepreneurs and freelancers just starting out.

Wrapping up

Yes, what we’ve just unraveled in front of you is the kaleidoscopic facet of the coworking industry. And we hope that after reading this, your understanding of the types of coworking spaces becomes much deeper.

If you want to dig deeper and find the right space for your team, we are just a call away!

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