Inspiring Success Stories of the Brands from Shark Tank India

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
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Shark Tank India has become India’s top-viewed financial reality show and continues to attract a large viewership. Besides financial support, the companies receive excellent guidance and supervision from the best entrepreneurs in our country.

In this post, we will share the top 10 success stories from the show. 

10 Amazing Shark Tank India Products You Should Know

1. The Sass Bar

The Sass Bar is a luxury soap brand manufacturing shower products that look and smell like desserts. Its aesthetically pleasing offerings, such as muffin soaps, ice cream soaps, donut soaps, bath bombs, whipped soap scrubs, and more are packed with the goodness of organic ingredients that help you achieve soft skin. 

Ever since this brand signed a deal on Shark Tank India, its monthly sales have increased from 6 lakh to 10-20 lakh per month. The brand has launched a few more bath and body products in its collection. 

  • Founder – Rishika Shetty
  • Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Founded In – 2019
  • Business Category – Sustainable and vegan luxury soaps
  • Business Idea – Manufacturing soaps that look and smell like delicious desserts
  • Estimated Net Worth/Valuation – Rs. 1.43 Crores 
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2. TagZ Foods

TagZ Foods offers healthier snacking options with its lip-smacking popped potato chips. The brand claims that their process of producing these chips is similar to that of air frying but with additional pressure thereby making it 50% less fatty than the competing options in the market. Available in a variety of flavors, TagZ Foods is becoming one of the fastest-growing D2C food brands in India.

The brand has witnessed a humongous 3X growth ever since it secured a deal of Rs. 70 lakh with 2.75% equity on Shark Tank India. It is reported that this company started six new manufacturing units and expanded its product distribution to 20 leading Indian cities and abroad as well. TagZ Foods is now available in Dubai, Kuwait, and Australia. 

  • Founders – Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia
  • Location – Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Founded In – 2019
  • Business Category – Food and Beverages
  • Business Idea – Manufacturing popped potato chips instead of frying or baking them
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3. Auli Lifestyle

Auli LifeStyle is a cruelty-free ayurvedic skincare brand offering an excellent range of organic products for every skin type. Its products are thoughtfully crafted by using natural ingredients and eliminating harmful ones to create unique yet affordable skincare products.

Auli Lifestyle secured a final deal of Rs. 75 lakh with an equity of 15% from Shark Tank India. A perfect blend of ayurveda and modern science, Auli Lifestyle aims to grow the retail distribution of its products.

  • Founder – Aishwarya Biswas
  • Location – Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Founded In – 2019
  • Business Category – Ayurvedic skincare products
  • Business Idea – Manufacturing natural skincare products backed by ayurveda and science
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4. Skippi Ice Pops

Skippi Ice Pops was the first brand to get a deal from all the sharks of Shark Tank India worth Rs. 1.2 crores for a 15% equity. This popsicle (or ice pop) brand is the first of its kind in India and uses natural fruits and vegetables for its production. 

Skippi Ice Pops has over 2000+ retail outlets across the country. The company’s revenue has shot up from Rs. 4-5 lakh per month to Rs. 70 lakh per month. The sales numbers have skyrocketed and the brand has gone international as well. No wonder Skippi Ice Pops has become one of the best success stories of Shark Tank India.

  • Founders – Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra
  • Location – Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Founded In – 2020
  • Business Category – Food and beverage
  • Business Idea – Manufacturing high-quality and healthy ice popsicles
  • Estimated Net Worth/Valuation – Rs. 66 Crores
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5. Hammer Lifestyle

Hammer Lifestyle is an athleisure electronics wearable brand offering gadgets, such as smartwatches, headphones, earphones, grooming accessories, and more. 

Shark Tank India offered Hammer Lifestyle a deal of Rs. 1 crore for 40% equity. This athleisure tech brand has then invested its smart and innovative thinking to upgrade its technology, adopt flexible working, and increase its team strength to build a brilliant smart gadget brand in India. 

The funding elevated their sales numbers with a monthly sales revenue of Rs. 2 crores from Rs. 70 lakh. Hammer Lifestyle is one of the most successful businesses funded by Shark Tank India. 

  • Founder – Rohit Nandwani 
  • Location – Panipat, Haryana
  • Founded In – 2018
  • Website 
  • Business Category – Consumer Electronics
  • Business Idea – Delivering high-quality wearables and devices to promote an active lifestyle.

6. BrainWired

BrainWired offers livestock health monitoring and tracking software, WeStock to monitor the health of cows. It was one of the most innovative ideas presented in Shark Tank India. This tech company secured a deal of Rs. 60 lakh and 10% equity and managed to increase its revenues from Rs. 1 lakh per month to Rs. 35 lakh in a very short period of time. 

  • Founders – Romeo P Jerard and Sreeshankar Nair
  • Location – Kochi, Kerala
  • Founded In – 2018
  • Website 
  • Business Category – AgriTech
  • Business Idea – Providing a unique livestock health monitoring and tracking system at an affordable pricing
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7. The Quirky Naari

The Quirky Naari is India’s first hand-painted denim business offering a variety of desi-firangi fusion fashion products, such as footwear, clothing items, and bags. The Quirky Naari secured a contract for Rs. 35 lakh for 24% ownership from Shark Tank India. The brand did observe a boost in sales volume after it signed the deal with Shark Tank India.  

8. Nomad Food Project

Nomad Food Project is a brand selling Bacon Thecha, spreads, and jams in a market that is dominated by chicken and mutton meat products. This brand was initially a college research project which became a successful food company. 

Nomad Food Project sealed a deal for Rs. 40 lakh for 20% equity with Shark Tank India. Ever since the show, the sales of this brand have gone up from Rs. 5 lakh per month to Rs. 19 lakh per month. Further, the company has started international shipping and is actively hiring professionals to increase its team strength. It has also signed up contracts with celebrities to endorse its products.

9. Get-A-Way (Earlier Get-A-Whey)

Get-A-Way is a health-driven ice cream brand that offers high protein and fat-free ice creams in diverse flavors. These tasty dessert treats are perfect guilt-free indulgences and help families make conscious choices for a healthy lifestyle. This startup recorded monthly sales of Rs. 20 lakh initially. However, after securing a deal of Rs. 1 crore (for 15% equity) at Shark Tank India, its sales numbers have risen to Rs. 80 lakh per month. 

10. Namhya Foods

Namhya Foods offers all-natural superfoods that emphasize incorporating ancient Indian ways of adding specific herbs to the diet. 

This brand secured a contract from Shark Tank India for Rs. 50 lakh with 10% ownership. Namhya Foods generated a total revenue of Rs. 40 lakh upon receiving the contract and is planning on opening distribution centers in the UAE, UK, the US, and Canada. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right investor is crucial for success in entrepreneurship. The brands we have mentioned in this post have witnessed tremendous growth and success after bagging amazing funding from Shark Tank India. These Shark Tank Products India chapters are worth following and gaining inspiration from.