6 popular, free, new- age Social Media Marketing Tools your business possibly cannot do without!

Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Social media marketing has proven itself to be more than just a trend – a concept that has captured the eye of many and is truly here to stay. This has been the new “go-to” platform for all sorts of businesses because of the immense potential, engagement, insights and cost cuts it provides to them. 

If your business is considering reaching out to customers – then consider the concept of social media marketing as unfortunately, the value of traditional marketing methods is steadily deteriorating. 

Thereby, in order to keep up with this new age business function – here are a few dominant, popular and FREE social media marketing tools that can be optimised in 2022. 

1. Hootsuite: 

Hootsuite is also known as a social media management tool – has a gigantic membership of 18 million people. Allows you to schedule posts well in advance across all platforms by employing the concept called “cross posting”. One can monitor the stream of likes, followers, mentions and what have you. Lastly, it’s a one stop place for social media analysis. It will provide you with reports that showcase your performance across platforms at any given time. 

2. Social Blade: 

Mostly concentrates on YouTube channel analytics and gives an edge to YouTube content creators. Recently, it has also started to make analytics easy for Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Instagram and many more. Over and above that, it provides information regarding the estimated earnings, future projections, numerical data and graphs.

3. Canva: 

One of our personal favourites – a revolutionary graphic designing tool that amps up your social media marketing. It transforms basic designs into aesthetic professional designs that are received better by customers. From Pinterest graphics, business cards, email newsletters, cover photos to reviews and Instagram stories – Canva has easy to use, free templates for all. The best part is – if you are ever stuck with anything it will provide you with free tutorials regarding its drag and drop interface. 

4. Buffer: 

Buffer is also known as an “all you need social media toolkit.” It is quite similar to Hootsuite – you can schedule posts across all platforms and monitor results. It has an additional, key feature called “tailored posts composer” – wherein the business can customise posts for each social network. Lastly, its “queue- view” and “calendar view” pans out everything swiftly. Planning can be done in a faster, efficient and transparent manner. 

 5. Socialoomph: 

Is a powerful social media management tool that makes social media automated. It is reliable, effective and fulfils your social needs. Not only does it help you schedule posts from time to time but, it also assists in finding targeted twitter users to follow. There is an “account cleaning” option as well that eliminates all the unimportant messages, unwanted tweets after a while. The best feature is that it limits the keywords that you are about to use to only the topics or ideas you actually want. 

6. Later: 

Is a social media marketing platform – mostly directed towards Instagram but works well with other social media apps as well. 6 million people trust Later for helping their respective businesses grow. Later helps you find the right content and publishes it throughout all platforms. The supreme advantage is that it provides you with data you possibly cannot do without – personalised insights for all of your social media handles.

Other social media marketing tools that are worthy of checking out would be – Adobe Spark, Zoho Social, Crowdfire, Tailwind, Contentcal, Picmonkey and many, many more.

All in all, it is time we all believe in harnessing the power of social media marketing. Social media marketing, as proven through the course of this blog – is truly the center of our customers and is no longer an option. It is a tactic and a business function that has made businesses fully reliant upon its existence. We urge all readers to step up their marketing plans and take their businesses to unforeseeable heights – through the careful integration of these six social media tools.