Expanding Your Office Space in Surat? 10 Places Your Employees Would Love Nearby

Divya Sitlani
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Surat is among one of the most visited places in Gujarat. Well known as the ‘City of Diamonds’, Surat is a commercial center for textiles, IT, and financial investments. 

Surat is rapidly developing into a progressive business hub. Besides, this city is investing heavily in various infrastructure and development projects thereby making it an ideal location for setting up businesses. There are several coworking spaces like The Address and incubation centers that support entrepreneurs with their startup journey. 

In this article, we shall understand how Surat can be the perfect place for entrepreneurs who wish to scale their businesses.

8 Reasons Why Surat Is the Best City to Live In

Let us understand why Surat is one of the best places in Gujarat to set up a business.

1. Hygienic City 

Surat has had a history of natural disasters, such as plagues and floods. Despite the natural calamities, the city has bounced back to what it was before these disasters at a faster rate than expected. The people have also volunteered to keep the city clean. No wonder Surat is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in our country.

2. Delicious Food

Surat is well-known for lip-smacking food, such as undhyu, ponk, ghaari, and locho. These snacks can be eaten at any time of the day and it keeps people wanting for more. The Gujarati cuisine is well-known across the country.

3. Awesome Infrastructure 

Surat offers excellent infrastructure and modern amenities to its people. This town is flooded with business centers, IT parks, coworking spaces, and more making it an ideal hotspot for business opportunities. 

Being one of the most industrially active cities, Surat is home to many corporate houses, such as Reliance, Shell, HP, ONGC, and others. 

Besides, Surat has many leading educational institutions providing quality education to students. The well-connected transport facilities make traveling quick and convenient for the people. 

4. Reasonable Cost of living

The cost of living in Surat is low when compared with other cities in the country. The stay at Surat is quite pocket-friendly with expenses of Rs. 10000 per month excluding the house rent. This is one of the reasons why Surat is one of the preferred cities in India to work.

5. Pleasant Climate

The climate in Surat is pleasant. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. The city receives adequate rainfall every year. 

6. Rich Culture

Commonly known as Surtis, the residents of Surat city hail from different backgrounds and races and live together in harmony. They celebrate all the major festivals with great joy and enthusiasm. Navratri, Makar Sankranti, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi are some of the festivals that Surtis celebrate on a large scale. 

7. Plenty of Options for Recreation

The list of recreation amenities Surat offers to its people is endless. Marvelous forts, museums, picturesque beaches, and well-maintained gardens will surely offer a good break from hectic work life.

8. Great Social Life 

The supportive and friendly residents of Surat make great friends. Their skills, entrepreneurial knowledge, and expertise will guide you with various business and networking opportunities. 

10 Places to Visit in Surat

#1. Sardar Patel Museum


Established in 1891, the Sardar Patel Museum, also known as Sardar Sangrahalaya, is one of Surat’s most popular tourist attractions. This museum houses ancient paintings, relics, art galleries, and antique artifacts. Besides, the 3D audio sound, laser show, and lighting effects are some of the best things about this museum. 

This museum aims to generate awareness about the rich cultural heritage among the people. 

  • Location – Athwa, Surat
  • Entry charges – Rs. 20 for Adults and Rs. 10 for Children
  • Timings – 9.00 – 11.30 am and 2.30 – 5.00 pm

#2. Neverland Water Park


Situated in the heart of Surat city, Neverland Water Park is a perfect place for adventure activities, entertaining rides, and fun games. This entertainment hub offers a huge swimming pool, rain dance floor, numerous eateries, and various other ways to plan a fun-filled outing. This is one of the top waterparks in Surat.

  • Location – Ghod Dod Road, Surat
  • Entry charges – Rs. 750 for adults and Rs. 550 for children
  • Timings – 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

#3. Surat Fort


Built by the Gujarat Sultanate in the 16th century, Surat Fort is one of the most popular historic monuments in the city. The fort was constructed with the only objective of keeping away the city safe from devastating attacks and invasions. This is a must-visit place for history buffs and architecture lovers.  

  • Location – Varasa, Surat
  • Entry charges – 
    • 3 Years to 16 Years Rs.20/-
    • 17 Years to 60 Years Rs.40/-
    • Above 60 Years Rs.20/-
    • Photography Rs.20/-
    • Videography Rs.100/-
  • Timings – 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

#4. Dumas Beach


Dumas beach is one of the famous beaches and a popular tourist destination in Gujarat. It is also listed among the top 35 haunted spots in India because of the widely reported paranormal activities. Hence, this beautiful beach is frequented by tourists and locals until sunset.  

  • Location – Konkan coast, Arabian sea 

#5. Jagishchandra Bose Municipal Aquarium


Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium is located in the heart of Surat city and homes several varieties of freshwater, marine, brackish, and ornamental fishes along with other aquatic flora and fauna. This aquarium contains over 50 beautiful aquarium tanks where the fishes are displayed in a secure environment. Jellyfishes and sharks are the reasons why this aquarium receives high volumes of visitors.

  • Location – Adajan, Surat
  • Entry charges – 
    • Rs. 40 for children
    • Rs. 100 for adults
    • Rs. 60 for senior citizens
    • Rs. 400 for foreigner adults 
    • Rs. 200 for foreign children
  • Timings – 
    • 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (March – October)
    • 10.00 am to 5.45 pm (November – February)

#6. Dandi Beach


Located in the Dandi village, this beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the Arabian Sea. This beach holds historic significance the famous salt satyagraha to break the salt tax law led by Mahatma Gandhi was broken at this beach after the Dandi march. This beautiful beach is a perfect spot to destress and calm the mind.

  • Location – Dandi
  • Timings – Sunrise to sunset

#7. Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo


Sarthana Nature Park is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in Gujarat. Established in 1984, this park is spread across 81 acres and is home to many wild animals including lions, Bengal tigers, white peafowl, and Himalayan bears. The park has abundant mango, casuarina, and eucalyptus trees. 

Spreading awareness about the conservation of wildlife is one of the main reasons why this park was founded.

  • Location – Sarthana Jakatnaka, Surat
  • Entry charges – 
    • Rs. 15 for individuals above 12 years of age
    • Rs. 5 for children
    • Rs. 50 for foreigner children
    • Rs. 100 for foreigners above 12 years of age
  • Timings – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday closed)

#8. Dutch Gardens


Dutch Garden is visited by hundreds of people every day. Designed in European style, this garden has vibrant flower beds, lovely fountains, and a calming aura that surely steals the hearts of many. This garden has a remarkable mausoleum of Baron Adrian Van Reed who had established the first Dutch port in Surat. 

Dutch Garden offers an excellent place for recreation. Being situated along the Tapi river, this garden is a perfect spot to unwind and relax away from the bustling city life.

  • Location – Nanpura, Surat
  • Timings – 6.00 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 10 pm

#9. Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden


Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden is located on the banks of the Tapi river and offers the best spot for a walk or a cozy picnic. Being the biggest garden in the city, it has more than 1000 plants including tropical plants, ornamental plants, exotic flowers, and herbs. Another attraction of this garden is its cactus greenhouse which houses various cactus plants.

Besides plants, this garden offers other attractions, such as free fall jump, rocket space, crazy jump, toy train, injector, and hot air balloon rides. 

  • Location – Jahangirabad, Surat
  • Entry charges –
    • Rs. 5 for children between 5 -12 years
    • Rs. 10 for individuals between 12 and 64 years
    • Rs. 5 for senior citizens above 64 years
  • Timings – 10.00 am to 10.00 pm (Monday closed)

#10. Tapi River Front


Tapi River Front provides a breathtaking view of the graceful river Tapi. Depicting the city’s evolving infrastructure, this place is frequented by visitors early in the mornings and evenings. For a quick stroll or meeting with friends, this riverfront serves as a perfect getaway from the fast-paced city lives. 

  • Location – Adajan Patiya, Surat

Summing Up

Surat offers the best infrastructure right from commercial offices to coworking spaces for scaling business. The enthusiasm that Surtis portray and their business acumen can help you build a strong business foundation and grow your venture. 

It also offers some amazing places to unwind and take a break from the monotonous work life.  Expand your business in Surat and let it scale greater heights.