Fun New Year’s Resolutions for a Vibrant Coworking Space

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
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Every new year, we set out to shed a few pounds, save a few bucks, eat healthier, read a couple of books, or discover our inner yogi with meditation. Do the resolutions for 2024 feel like déjà vu? Pretty much the same as 2023 and, well, every other year we can think of. (hey, at least we’re consistent!)

Now, before you roll your eyes and say, “Here we go again,” there’s a twist in the tale. We’ve learned a thing or two about embracing our New Year’s resolutions with a fresh perspective —a pinch of humor, a dash of self-acceptance, and a dollop of creativity. After all, life’s too short to carry the weight of the same old resolutions year after year.

We know, we know. New Year’s resolutions traditionally favor personal goals. How about having a bucket list for a vibrant coworking space? The key is not taking ourselves too seriously and finding joy in the journey, even if the destination seems eerily familiar.

As we dive into 2024, it’s time to set New Year’s resolutions that stick and create a vibrant and productive flex space for your business. Let’s get started.

Creating a Vibrant Coworking Space With These Fun New Year’s Resolutions, You’ll Actually Keep!

Emoji Communication

Resolution: Dedicate a day each month to communicate using only emojis on emails or Slack.

Benefit: Foster creativity, break language barriers, and bring a light-hearted tone to workplace communication. Encourage efficient and enjoyable exchanges of ideas.

Flip-Flop Fridays

Resolution: Introduce casual and comfortable Flip-Flop Friday once a month.

Benefit: Encourage relaxation, reduce stress, and create a laid-back atmosphere, contributing to overall workplace satisfaction.

Desk Decor Derby

Resolution: Hold a competition for the most creatively decorated desk.

Benefit: Cultivate a positive and vibrant atmosphere, spark creativity, and instill a sense of pride and ownership in individual workspaces.

Random Acts of Positivity

Resolution: Each month, surprise a colleague with a small gesture, whether it’s sending a kind email, sharing a compliment, or offering to help a colleague with a task.

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Benefit: Boost morale, strengthen team bonds, and create a supportive environment, fostering a happier and more positive workspace.

Deskercise Break

Resolution: Incorporate short desk exercises during breaks. Dedicate 5 minutes each hour to simple desk exercises like seated leg lifts, neck stretches, or quick chair squats.

Benefit: Boost energy levels and improve focus without leaving your workspace.

Laughter Yoga Breaks

Resolution: Laughter is a natural stress reliever and can significantly improve team dynamics. So, designate a brief laughter yoga break during longer meetings. Share a funny video or encourage team members to bring a light-hearted anecdote to share in meeting rooms.

Benefit: Enhance team morale, reduce stress, and create a positive atmosphere through shared laughter.

Meme Mondays

Resolution: Share work-appropriate memes every Monday. Create a designated channel or board for sharing memes. 

Benefit: Infuse humor into the workweek, fostering a light-hearted start and building team camaraderie. Also provides an opportunity for team members to express their creativity and share a laugh.

Tech Detox

Resolution: Set aside the first and last hour of the workday for focused, screen-free tasks. Create a minimalist office by reducing their dependence on technology now and then. Encourage team members to use this time for deep work, reflection, or short breaks to recharge without digital distractions.

Benefit: Improve productivity, reduce digital fatigue, and encourage a healthier work-life balance.

Office Olympics

Resolution: Organize simplified Office Olympics with easy, non-disruptive challenges. Plan monthly challenges like chair races, paper plane contests, or quick desk games. These short breaks create a lively atmosphere and provide an opportunity for team members to bond.

Benefit: Foster team spirit, encourage friendly competition, and break up the workday with fun activities.

Paperless Challenge

Resolution: Reduce paper usage by a specific percentage each month. Gradually transition to digital note-taking and document-sharing platforms. Encourage team members to explore tools that reduce waste, ditch paper cups, and foster green coworking.

Benefit: Promote sustainability, declutter the workspace, and embrace efficient digital alternatives.

Productivity Hour

Resolution: Implement a daily “Productivity Power Hour” where team members dedicate one hour to intense, focused work using the Pomodoro Technique. This structured approach enhances efficiency while ensuring regular breaks for rejuvenation.

Benefit: Increase productivity, maintain concentration, and create a structured yet manageable work routine.

Positive Post-it Wall

Resolution: Transform a blank wall into a canvas of uplifting messages. Encourage members to write notes highlighting achievements, challenges, and aspirations. Let’s say unique stories of women entrepreneurs or modern entrepreneurship journeys within their coworking community.

Benefit: Foster a positive and inclusive work environment, inspire creativity, spark conversations, and celebrate the diversity of individuals in the coworking community.

Team Building through Cooking Classes

Resolution: Host group cooking classes or healthy potluck events at the office. Empower employees with cooking skills for better nutrition.

Benefit: Encourage teamwork, improve cooking abilities, and promote a shared commitment to healthier lifestyles, positively impacting both physical health and team dynamics.

How to Make Office-Wide Resolutions That Stick?

Making a bunch of big changes at work might not be realistic, right? How about starting with one resolution for the whole team? Even if it’s not January 1st, it can still kick off positive vibes.

Let’s say- you take a peek around your team, and you might find that many want to be healthier this year. So, why not aim to be a healthier office together? Sounds good, but here’s the thing—making the resolution is easy; sticking to it is the real deal.

Here’s a quick and light guide to make team resolutions stick:

  • Team Talk: Get everyone together and decide on a resolution. No pressure—just a friendly chat.
  • Why Change?: Write down why you want this change and put it up so everyone can see.
  • Leadership Support: Get the higher-ups from the executive office involved. Having senior management on board sets the tone. Lead by example to inspire the troops.
  • Check-ins: Plan regular check-ins to cheer on progress and solve problems.
  • Motivation Board: Stick up a board with milestones. Celebrate the wins.
  • Party Time: End the year with a celebration. Because victories deserve a party!

Connecting the Dots

As we set sail into 2024, let’s break free from the monotonous resolutions of yesteryears. These quirky resolutions may seem like small, amusing gestures, but their role in building a vibrant coworking space environment is profound.

Here’s to a year of shared laughter, collective successes, and a workspace that feels more alive than ever before. Here’s to the journey ahead!

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