6 Myths of Coworking Space You Always Believed Were True

Divya Sitlani
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What is your idea of a perfect workspace?

Ask millennials this question, and you will find yourself ticking off attributes that closely resemble coworking spaces.

And why not?

Coworking culture offers incredible benefits to businesses as well as employees.

You get to share the workspace with like-minded and even experienced entrepreneurs.

Whether you are a startup owner, freelancer, or work for an MNC, coworking spaces can align with all your professional needs.

But the coworking segment is rife with myths that dissuade businesses from trying them out. 

In this post, we have busted six myths about coworking spaces that you believed were true!

Let’s dive right in.

Myth #1: They Are More Expensive than Regular Office Spaces


Contrary to this popular belief, coworking spaces are more affordable than regular offices. 

At coworking spaces, you can pay for facilities, such as conference rooms, halls, and others – on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You don’t need to pay the entire annual lease in advance. 

Coworking supports the pay-as-you-use model. 

Besides, most amenities in coworking culture, such as cafeteria, phone, high-speed internet, systems, laptops, are shared. You can save plenty of money which is not possible in traditional offices. 

For these reasons, 72 percent of all coworking offices become profitable within a couple of years.

As a business in its growing phase, you may also need space to expand your business as your team grows. Coworking is most beneficial in such instances. Instead of finding another workspace, you can continue working in the same space. 

All you need is to rent extra desks or take rooms on rent as per your demands. 

If you need to expand in a new city or country, even then, the pay-as-you-use model will save enormous money. You can use the saved funds for further investments and business expansion plans. 

Myth #2: They Are Ideal for Startup Owners Only


Indeed, the most successful companies today, which began as startups at some point got benefited from coworking.

Some of the prominent names include Instagram, Uber, and Indiegogo.

They all started their journey at coworking spaces before finally hitting the mark of success.

But it’s not at all true that coworking spaces are ideal for startup owners only. They are excellent for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and all kinds of businesses – small, medium, and big.

Any business owner that aims to achieve profitability and the best ROI fits well in the coworking ecosystem. 

Furthermore, there are no age barriers. Professionals of any age group can work comfortably in coworking culture. Don’t let the stereotype thinking put you off into making wrong choices.

Coworking spaces are highly flexible. 

Recognizing the value of coworking spaces, industry giants, such as Google and Microsoft have invested in them. Regardless of your business status, embrace the coworking culture. Once you make the transition, you’ll be amazed to see the positive impact of coworking on your team and business operations.

Myth #3: They Aren’t Suitable for Focused Working


Most business professionals believe that coworking spaces are too noisy and distractive.

But that’s a misconception. 

Yes, multiple companies run simultaneously in coworking spaces. But they comprise qualified and responsible professionals. Much like traditional offices, professionals in the coworking culture understand their code of conduct. 

Besides, businesses can choose from a wide range of coworking settings, such as shared desks, private desks, and dedicated desks. Depending on the operations, the HR department may allot different desks to employees. 

Private desks and dedicated desks are preferable for managing operations that need more precision. They allow professionals to work in their zone without any external disturbance. 

Shared desks can work wonders for tasks that need collaboration with the team the entire day. Team members can sit together and work with enthusiasm. 

So, the coworking spaces offer customizable designs to cater to various working styles. As a business owner, you can choose what works the best for your team. 

Coworking will help you boost your team’s productivity and efficiency in the long term.

Myth #4: They Don’t Offer Standard Infrastructure for Distinct Businesses


If you picture coworking offices as offices where professionals work with limited resources, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The coworking ecosystem offers top-notch shared amenities. 

Right from quality desks, tablets, laptops, printers to scanners, you get everything under one roof. 

The resources are not at all limited. You can use as many resources as your business demands. 

To ensure the best infrastructure for your workspace, get in touch with The Address team. We are one of the leading coworking solution providers in India. Our experts will help you reinvent your workspace for enhanced productivity and success.

Myth #5: They Don’t Look as Professional as a Physical Office


The statement is false. 

In reality, coworking spaces are vibrant, have world-class amenities, and have a vast network of skilled professionals. 

The working environment is quite productive.

You will often find like-minded professionals having work-related discussions and collaborations. 

The space appears to be a perfect place where business owners and clients can have meaningful conversations. There are open spaces and recreation areas that are ideal for casual meetings. 

When it comes to strict one-to-one meetings, coworking offers various choices for meeting rooms. The rooms are clean and well-equipped with visually appealing furniture and other facilities. 

As a business owner, you can opt for the one that resonates with your work.

Myth #6: They Are Bane to Confidentiality 


Confidentiality is a valid concern for small and big. However, modern coworking spaces in no way threaten confidentiality. They are equipped with infrastructure that upholds business security. 

In coworking spaces, you work with multiple companies. They have a separate slot of their own, and you have a space for your business. You can opt for private office settings that don’t allow any outsider to enter your premises while you still share common amenities, such as a cafeteria, event hall, and gym. Such practice will help you keep your confidential information intact within the organization. 

You may even ask your team to sign a non-disclosure agreement to avoid leakage of any sensitive data or information outside the office. Besides, there will be surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of your team and their belongings. 

Hence, coworking spaces are safe and secure. You can enjoy a stress-free and fun environment by being a part of coworking culture.

To Sum Up

As a business owner, if you want to analyze the pros and cons of a coworking space, these top six myths can restrict you from making informed decisions. 

We hope the accurate information curated with the help of experienced professionals at The Address will help you understand what coworking is all about. 

If you want to explore more benefits and switch to coworking spaces, get in touch with our team of experts on Whatsapp.

Let us guide you from the basics and ease your decision-making journey.