Why India Is Checking Into Coworking Spaces?

Divya Sitlani
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Coworking is a business service provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in a shared office space. Some businesses use the spaces to provide employees with equipment, space and services that they could not otherwise afford.

Typical features of coworking facilities include:

  • Shared work space
  • 24/7 access
  • Reservable/rentable conference and/or board room
  • Communal printer/copier/fax
  • Private branch exchange (PBX) systems
  • Shared kitchens, bathrooms and lounges
  • WIFI
  • Uninterrupted and Soundproof Air-conditioned system 24/7
  • Fully furnished furniture seating with Pedestals & Soft Board
  • Informal Meeting Room
  • Versatile Event Spaces
  • Additional Storage Area Cabins

Coworking is slowly changing the landscape of the Indian start-up ecosystem. Coworking spaces today are actively attracting startups for whom work contentment happens to be the key inspiration, all these factors have not only helped coworkers but has also given Indian start-ups a platform to fulfill their dreams & operate out of a coworking space- in fact, the real beauty of a coworking space is the community, a diverse environment that facilitates exchange of ideas and promotes collaboration.

People opt for a coworking space owing to the high costs of real-estate and for social entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses it’s an opportunity to set a footprint in big metros. There is no doubt that the Indian start-up ecosystem has come a long way, and is now being supported by a slew of initiatives, like the central government’s Startup India. Coworking spaces act as a fulcrum of this ecosystem. Aside from providing flexible, convenient and affordable spaces, coworking spaces also provide ample opportunities for young entrepreneurs to learn, network and grow.

Through targeted workshops, networking events, introductions and mentoring sessions; the coworking space acts as a hub for all things an aspiring entrepreneur needs to become a successful one. These collaborative communities reside in coworking spaces; and hence no wonder coworking has become the new buzzword.

The office space culture in India has drastically changed overtime due to the western typology that was introduced into the country in the 1990s. The evolution has been driven primarily by business and real estate shifts. The growing realisation that a maturing and global Indian workforce needs a workplace that speaks for it’s ethos and morals has lead to the offices of today being more casual and flexible.

The humble office culture and design has evolved hugely over the past few decades. Along with the modern office design, the culture has greatly shifted to a casual and friendly work environment. Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook are some of the most exemplary examples to suit this claim across the world.

The office space culture in the country today is adopting new and adventurous ways of working like coworking or working in shared spaces and virtual offices. Coworking culture has made its way in India and has changed the way we look at offices now. Coworking spaces are more cool and fun and do not restrict the employees within the four walls of the office. Unlike traditional office culture, shared spaces allow you to network with like minded people working with you.

Coworking spaces are a new trend going viral. It is basically a Shared Office facility opted by smart professionals, freelancers and startups where they work in collaboration or independently. It is a cost effective method where anyone can get a good working place without digging a hole in their pocket. It nurtures a vibrant and creative office ambiance that not only helps in increasing productivity but also leads to a satisfied and content staff.

It is a relatively young concept in India, which isn’t mainstream as of now, but it is trending slowly. Having gathered pace particularly over the past two years, such facilities are now quickly evolving in the country by differentiating themselves with new-age amenities like cafes and recreational corners, besides even providing career assistance.

This is besides the conventional advantages that coworking spaces are known for, such as lower costs, fewer logistical hassles, and flexibility. India now has nearly more than a 1,000 coworking spaces, data from a recent report by consulting firm Bain and Company and the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association showed.

Coworking is one of the most trending concepts gaining attention of the young minds and startups and is a revolution moving out of the traditional offices with fix leases to personalised spaces having customised lock-in periods.

“The Spirit Of Coworking Allows You To Find Coworkers Who Are Worth Working With” – Cynthia Chiam.

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