Meeting room etiquettes: make the right impression!

Divya Sitlani
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Meeting rooms are one of the unique spaces in a corporate setup. It being a common space implies that you must be aware of other individuals’ schedules and necessities.

This kind of a setup implies for certain rules to be followed and adhered to.

A comprehensive guideline for the most effective etiquettes:

Respect time

Sticking to the fore planned schedule is important as meetings have a tendency to go longer than scheduled, but it is up to every concerned individual to keep things moving and make sure that you are out of the room on time. If it’s a busy office, chances are that the conference rooms are booked back to back throughout the day. If you go five minutes over your scheduled time, you can end up causing a domino effect that throws everyone off schedule.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

In the event that the furniture is a bit more ergonomic than the standards for example, plush conference chairs, be careful not to get too comfortable during your meeting. Avoid leaning back in the chair or lowering the height so that you look like a little kid. Try sitting up straight towards the front edge of the seat so that you look alert and engaged in the conversation and be sure that you are on eye level with the rest of the people at the table.

Ask Questions Throughout the Meeting

Its very abrupt to ask questions at the end and then throw out a barrage of ideas right when everyone thinks they are about to leave. Its an unpleasant way which can make quick enemies of your co-workers . If you have questions, be sure to raise them at an appropriate time and stay on topic.

Put Your Phone Away

While your phone’s business might be important, it needs to be out of sight during conferences. You don’t want to be distracted or even appear to be distracted while others are speaking. Be sure to turn the sound off put it in your pocket or bag. If you absolutely must take a call or answer a text, try and leave the room as quietly as possible.

With applying a few of these as a starter, every individual can make it a deal to look his professional best!

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