Business Center Of The 21st Century

Divya Sitlani
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According to Money Control, Business Center are commercial premises usable by the occupiers for a short period on a membership basis of the centre or the people who want to use it on a rental basis for their conferences and general meetings. Usually, a business center charges for the full service accommodation, which is generally substantially higher than the rental of a standard office space and usually includes cost of HVAC, housekeeping, electricity, air-conditioners, wi-fi, projector usage and all the basic necessary services.

Many start-ups and business enterprises have once in a month conferences or board meetings when their supreme clients come in but they do not have space for the same to accommodate them in their compact offices so that’s when they use the services of a Business Center.

Long gone are the times when Hotel banquets were rented for conferences where the rents were very high and it did not even seem professional. In 21s century, the business enterprises want to leave their mark on their clients and in order to impress them they want to do it the most innovative way and in a way that’s affordable too. That is when business centers come in the picture- they provide board rooms, conference rooms, various type of meeting rooms and training rooms as well where workshops and training sessions for their employees or clients can be held.

A Business Center is a professionally managed commercial facility that offers end-to-end business infrastructure for short to medium term durations. Clients can choose from a wide range of flexible options that suit their needs. Based on the specific space and infrastructural requirements, clients can take advantage of customized, unbranded serviced offices.

Clients can simply list-out their requirements in terms of office size, layout, no. of work spaces, administration and support facilities, etc. and it’s possible for all this to be ready right on day one. Just walk-in with your teams and commence operations.

Business Center offers an ideal setting for MNCs starting off operations in a new location because they allow companies to commence operations immediately, without the hassles of putting together business critical services and infrastructure. Setting up an office cannot be any easier or more cost effective.

Most Business Center are located at prominent addresses, so that clients can benefit from excellent connectivity and derive maximum business benefits from the physical proximity to other major business houses.

The Business Center of the 21st Century should have the following facilities for effective functioning :

  • Serviced Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Virtual Offices
  • Audio or video conferencing on demand
  • Free event coordination and catering
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Wi-Fi enabled areas
  • White boards, plasma screens and projectors etc.

These are the basic and necessary facilities a client looks for in a business center. After fulfilling these facilities a business center can be known as the business center of the 21st century!

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