10 Tips to Thrive in a Shared Space

Divya Sitlani
Divya Sitlani is the Client Relationship Manager at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

Once you have signed yourself up for a co-working space and learned about all the features you will have an access to, you have to make sure that you completely thrive in the shared space and make the best use of everything. If you are still confused and curious as to how you can make the optimum use of your chosen co-working space, then keep reading and find out:

  1. 1. Location is crucial – While selecting the co-working space, make sure that, the location isn’t too far away from your living premises, has proper transportation facilities around and nearby, isn’t very far from the main city, and is safe and secure.
  2. 2. Be clear about your requirements – It’s important that you be very specific and clear about what you require. Not only does it break any confusions, but also leads to easy deals and better relations.
  3. 3. Find out about the extra business features that your space provides you – Most shared spaces give you some added features which are really necessary in the long run. We at ‘The Address’ provide you immense facilities like meeting rooms, business centres,  telephone booths, extended wifi and LAN services, etc..
  4. 4. Don’t forget to catch up on the recreational features as well – Make sure that you use your leisure time for recreational activities, like playing a game of TT with your co- workers or using the gym for losing those few extra kilos or maybe just having a cup of coffee over an intellectual conversation with a client.
  5. 5. Use the open sitting area for snacking or tea/coffee time – Chances of meeting new people and hereby, sharing views and ideas, exponentially increases when you use the common sitting area more. So make clever decisions and gain the most.
  6. 6. Is the staff open-minded and accommodating – An adventurous yet hospitable and warm staff really takes it up to the next level when you work in a shared space. They must be ready to try out new things, be open to suggestions and feedback and at the same time, should have a set of rules and regulations that they make an adhere to.
  7. 7. Be a part of the community events – Have a basic idea about the events that are organised in your shared space and be an active participant. You could also help in organising a few or could put up your suggestions for the same. The Address hosts a monthly event for birthday celebrations and meet-greet and we make sure that the whole community is a part of it.Read more : Co-Working Is A Myth Just Like Gravity
  8. 8. Interact and Network – A simple ‘hello’ goes a long way and a simple act of gratitude may start new connections and open up way more opportunities. Don’t be hesitant to talk to people from different service and business lines.
  9. 9. Find your productive spot – It is obvious that we choose a co – working space to get out of the infinite hassles of maintaining our own office. If the whole idea of co- working is to give more time and energy to the main tasks, then make sure you do just that in the best way possible and leave the worries of electricity, internet and maintenance to us.
  10. 10. Just reap the results of your good decisions – Choosing a shared workspace like The Address has infinite benefits. It’s not only the physical advantages but also the whole friendly and warm atmosphere takes up the whole vibe to a notch.

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