The Best Coworking Space Designs in the World

Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani
Chahna Baksani is the Social Media Manager as well as a Content Writer at The Address. If you ever happen to visit The Address' Ahmedabad offices, do not miss to stop by and say Hi to her.

“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

—Frank Lloyd Wright

This profound insight not only resonates with architectural masterpieces but also finds its essence in coworking space designs.

Coworking spaces have become the epicenter of collaboration and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving work landscape. By 2024, the world is set to host a remarkable 41,975 coworking spaces!

Image Source: Statista

As the demand for dynamic shared environments continues to soar, thoughtfully crafted coworking space designs becomes paramount. In this article, we embark on a thrilling exploration of the world’s most ingenious and captivating coworking space designs. From repurposed historic buildings to cutting-edge eco-conscious concepts, get ready to be captivated by spaces that redefine how we work.

Unveiling the World’s Finest Coworking Space Design Concepts

1. The Address, Ahmedabad

Step into ‘The Address‘ – where work becomes an unforgettable adventure! It’s where aesthetics and functionality harmoniously combine to create the perfect coworking haven.

This 600K Sq. Ft coworking space stands out with its 1500 sq ft terrace stealing the spotlight. Bright, sleek, and bathed in natural light, ‘The Address’ illuminates your workday like never before.

Image Source: The Address

They focus on creating a welcoming and productive environment, ensuring consistency in design elements throughout the space. With a vibrant color palette, flexible workstations, private solopreneur cabins, and advanced meeting rooms, The Address offers an efficient coworking atmosphere. Transparency and warmth fill the air while open spaces and glass cubes promote a sense of community.

Recreational and break areas are designed for comfort and relaxation. They feature vibrant colors, indoor games, and a well-stocked pantry. Acknowledging the impact of light on health and productivity, The Address has invested in the right lighting system. Desk lamps, floor lamps, and large windows maximize natural lighting. The mention by the world’s leading decor and interior styling organization, Elle Décor India, is a powerful testament to the brilliance of their immaculate workspace designs.

In one of their recent and most impressive custom business services projects, The Address took on the challenge of creating a stunning 25,200 sq ft office space for Vivo. Their expertise in ergonomic design and an eye for trendy and luxurious furniture resulted in a space that oozed simplicity and aesthetic charm.

For a sneak peek of this modern workspace, follow us on Instagram to witness the final results of coworking excellence. 

2. Ministry of New, Mumbai

Welcome to Ministry of New in the heart of Mumbai, India – a design-led coworking space with a unique vision. It’s a creative haven for independent professionals worldwide, fostering an international community thriving on innovation and collaboration.

Spanning 2,200 square ft, the main workspace boasts an eclectic mix of huge wooden tables and private desks, surrounded by lush greenery. Natural skylight bathes the area, setting the stage for an inspiring workday. 

Image Source: Ministry of New, Mumbai

Need a break? The library beckons with cozy sofas, cafe tables, and an old-fashioned kitchen, perfect for informal meetings or quiet reading sessions. Or step onto the balcony for fresh air and marvel at the breathtaking view of South Mumbai.

Beyond the captivating surroundings, Ministry of New fosters a strong, professional community. It’s all about continuous inspiration, connection, and productivity in an environment that supports, not imposes.

Founded by Dutch co-founders Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chanda, this coworking space is the ultimate destination for creative minds, freelancers, and professionals seeking an association with an international creative agency. No wonder Forbes ranked it as the world’s second most beautiful coworking space.

3. Crew Collective & Café, Montreal

Architect Henri Cleinge’s transformation of the former Royal Bank building into a stunning café and co-working space is a sight to behold. The main banking hall with 15m-high ceilings, arched windows, and ornate plaster details exudes grandeur and history.

The clever use of original bank teller stands create a barrier between the café and conference rooms. The brass-plated minimalist enclosures offer quieter workspaces, enhancing the existing lighting fixtures.

Image Source: Crew Collective & Café, Montreal

Opulent details like a gorgeous marble counter and brass-plated steel boxes add sophistication. Each workstation provides comfortable chairs, private rooms, large conference tables, and safety deposit boxes.

Beyond the exquisite design, this historic office space offers delightful coffee from Montreal’s Dispatch Coffee, Hudson’s Kaito Coffee Roasters, and delectable savories.

Founded in 2012 by Crew, a Montreal-based tech company, it connects freelancers and clients to business opportunities. Inspired by the thriving community of independent professionals, they opened Crew Collective & Café in May 2016 as a hub of innovation and collaboration.

4. The Malin, New York, USA

In November 2021, The Malin emerged as the epitome of hospitality-inspired coworking space. Designed by the renowned interiors studio Fettle, it draws inspiration from boutique hotels, offering a concierge-like executive assistant and a chic retail space.

Image Source: The Malin, New York

Co-founder Ciaran McGuigan’s vision was to craft a space that entices professionals back to the workplace. Nestled on Mercer Street, The Malin invites the creative community with its curated amenities and captivating furniture.

The Malin team firmly believes in the power of focused work and its impact on optimal thinking. From handcrafted furnishings to cutting-edge tech-powered meeting rooms, they strike the perfect balance between style and purpose, energy and warmth, form and function.

5. NeueHouse Bradbury, Los Angeles

Experience sophistication and innovation at NeueHouse Bradbury. It’s an exceptional coworking space within the historic Bradbury Building in downtown LA. Originally built in 1893, this architectural masterpiece features a breathtaking atrium adorned with marble staircases and intricate ironwork railings. It has been featured in iconic films like Blade Runner.

Image Source: NeueHouse Bradbury, Los Angeles

Crafted by the ingenious minds of Design Agency, this coworking space complements the building’s grandeur with modern, calming interiors. Pastel hues, parquet floors, and flowing neutral linens add a touch of brightness and airiness to the ambiance, gracefully marrying old-world charm with contemporary design.

Spanning a vast 25,000 square feet, it draws creators, innovators, and thought leaders from all walks of life. Within its walls, you’ll find work areas, private studios, phone booths, lounges, conference rooms, a wellness room, and a charming cafe and bar called the Wyman Bar, paying tribute to the building’s original architect.

Design Agency’s meticulous restoration preserved historical elements, including exposed wooden ceiling joists, oak-framed windows, and brick fireplaces. These harmoniously blend with modern furnishings, creating an environment that exudes elegance.

6. Nomad Workspace, Copenhagen

In the heart of Nørrebro, within the historic walls of the courthouse, lies the captivating Nomad Workspace. A haven of creativity and productivity spanning an impressive 2500 sqm. Although the idea of spending the night in such a mesmerizing space might cross your mind, beds aren’t part of the setup, but the allure is undeniable.

Image Source: Nomad Workspace, Copenhagen

It offers a full-service office experience designed to cater to professionals seeking an inspiring work environment. Private offices, open workspaces, cozy lounges, a café, and community areas create a vibrant atmosphere. The space is thoughtfully equipped with meeting rooms, a photo studio, and impeccably designed office spaces to cater to every need.

As you enter the old courthouse, you are greeted with a genuine home-away-from-home ambiance accentuated by fresh flowers and inspiring interiors. 

The masterminds behind this enchanting concept are co-founders Oliver Bernhard, a tech entrepreneur and former DJ, and Peter Madsen, the founder of a renowned clothing brand. They envisioned transforming this architectural gem into a creative haven, and with the expertise of designer Natalia Sanchez, they achieved just that. Contemporary elements and captivating art pieces seamlessly blend with the building’s historic charm. The result is a space that exudes warmth, invites inspiration, and fuels creativity.

7. LABS Atrium, London

LABS Atrium in Camden Market Stables & Lock is an industrial-style coworking space. It caters to freelancers, small businesses, startups, and creatives seeking a stimulating work environment.

Infused with Tom Dixon’s design, this three floors flexible workspace baths in natural light and lush plants. Communal areas, outdoor terraces, and meeting rooms create a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere.

Image Source: LABS Atrium, London

It reflects Camden’s rich history and contemporary energy. A central spiraling walkway, covered terraces, and vertical gardens contribute to communal productivity. Tom Dixon’s custom lighting installation adds a touch of artistry.

This fusion of history, innovation, and contemporary design makes LABS Atrium an exceptional and captivating coworking space in London’s trendy Camden area.

Wrapping Up

Coworking spaces have undoubtedly become incredible options for businesses and digital nomads. With mobility, sustainability, and a thriving community, these spaces provide the perfect environment for concept exchanges and networking.

As we embrace the future of work, The Address stands out as an inviting oasis for professionals seeking a perfect balance of work and inspiration. Join a thriving community of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporations in a collaborative and sustainable environment. Elevate your workspace, foster growth, and embrace innovation. Explore our diverse offerings across Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and Indore. Experience the perfect balance of work and inspiration. Schedule a tour today and be part of the greener future of work at The Address!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Coworking Space Designs

1. What makes a coworking space design exceptional?

Exceptional coworking space designs go beyond aesthetics, incorporating elements that promote productivity, well-being, and a sense of community. Thoughtful spatial planning, ergonomic furniture, and sustainable features are key factors.

2. How do coworking spaces contribute to productivity?

Coworking spaces foster productivity by providing a variety of work settings, abundant natural light, and opportunities for collaboration and networking, all of which boost motivation and creativity.

3. Are coworking spaces suitable for all types of professionals?

Coworking spaces cater to a diverse range of professionals, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, offering flexible work arrangements and a vibrant community.